Increasing Business Security the Simple Way

Securing a business no longer means that there is a need to have a security guard on the premises 24/7. There are other, simpler and most cost effective ways to protect a business from a possible intrusion.


It is not necessary to completely overhaul the business and the way it functions to ensure safety and security. Often a simple lock change or the use of security cameras will be more than enough to keep the place safe.

The following are simple tips that proved to be rather effective in terms of business protection.

Secure the Building

The best way to keep an eye on a building at all times is to install a security camera system. This will make a huge deterrence to potential intruders. In addition to this, use outside lighting that gets automatically turned on when motion is detected. Criminals are unlikely to break into a building that will get their crime recorded. Another simple idea would be to landscape with a purpose. A well maintained landscape will let potential criminals know that the premises are not neglected.

Having a well maintained and minimized area around a building will ensure that there are no hiding places for intruders. If possible, also install a fence around the business place, as an added measure of security. The gate should also be locked during non-operational hours, and high enough to make it unsafe to jump over it.

Install High Security Locks

When it comes to effective ways to prevent burglars from opening doors, high security locks are the way to go. The truly high security locks are only available through authorized dealers and locksmiths, so don’t think that replacing locks with a “high security” lock from the hardware store will be the same.

When a lock change is done, make sure that it’s really a reliable replacement that is being used. Even the keys that are engraved with “do not duplicate” are duplicated easily enough. Beyond this, some intruders come in disguised as employees. Inform employees that they are responsible for everyone that enters and exits the building, so they should be aware of who is coming in.

Correct Window Shades


 A small but effective interior change is the correct window shades. They can either be a risk or a great asset. Choose window shades that make it impossible to see the inside of the building when they are closed. If a person cannot see what’s inside the building, they will be less likely to attempt to break into it when it’s unattended. This could also stand true for any glass doors.

Security Systems

With the combination of security on the outside, coming from a fence around the perimeter, to strategically-manicured landscaping, potential criminals can be deterred just by walking through. If this does not stop them, investing in a real legitimate security system will make it more difficult for the criminals to get inside.

Whether a business owner chooses to employ all of these techniques of just a few, it is extremely important to make the staff aware that they are responsible for every person that enters the building. The attention of responsible employees can sometimes prevent a theft in a more effective way than a lock change or a lock rekey. Everyone should keep their eyes peeled for any suspicious activity around the building.

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