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Caster Wheels: Caster Types

Chances are, your workplace has its fair share of caster wheels. Whether on your office chairs or used to move heavy machinery around your manufacturing floor, these little workhorses are everywhere.

Not all caster wheels are the same, however. Some are made of rubber and others made of steel. Some can carry the average employee, others can carry airplane parts weighing tons. One difference that is less obvious is the design of the caster itself, the piece that holds the wheel. Here are the major types and their common uses.

Rigid Casters vs Swivel Casters

Rigid caster wheels are designed to move either forward or backward. These have no swivel bearing to allow for turning.

Swivel casters do quite the opposite. They are built with swivel bearings to allow the attached wheels to rotate 360 degrees while in motion.

Both of these types have their advantages and specific applications.

Caster Mount Types

Depending on your needs, you can get either rigid or swivel casters in various designs. These designs differ at the point they are attached to whatever it is you want to move and are built to handle a variety of jobs.

Plate Casters

These casters attach wheels with a simple plate on the top of the caster. This is a fairly universal design and can typically have some of the higher weight limits as the plates disperse load better than other designs.

Stem Casters

These are the least expensive designs and attach a wheel with a stem, or solid pin on top of the mount. These typically come with a bracket that you’ll need to attach to your equipment, as well.

This type of mount has the lowest load capacity by design. As a result of the low price stage and capped weight limits, these are the most common type of casters and can be found on most office chairs, small cart setups, and most homes.

Leveling Casters

These are slightly more specialized casters than the previous two types. They typically made with plate attachments and add a leveling option. This can be done a few different ways depending on weight limit and accessibility needs.

These casters are used in a wide assortment of situations that call for the occasional adjustment of the object attached. The increased capability means a higher price tag for this type of caster mount and should only be used when leveling is likely to be needed over time.

Pneumatic Casters

These are among the most specialized casters. When you have to move delicate, fragile, or valuable cargo, these mounts provide the best system for ensuring safety along the way.

They are built with pneumatic shock absorbers that can cushion your cargo against bumps or dips while in transit.

There is a right and wrong tool for every job. Casters and caster wheels are no exception. Do your research before making a purchase.

Save money with these web-based tools for business

While the COVID-19 crisis was devastating, there were some pockets of positive outcomes too. The unavailability of in-person services widened the niche for app-based and self-help kind of solutions. Small businesses are saving a ton of money while getting better results from these free and pay-as-you-go services. Here is a look.


In 2003 founder Tom Gonser created DocuSign to transform how businesses make transactions. Before COVID-19, businesses hired document drafters to create contracts. These were signed by all parties in person. With social distancing this approach became difficult. DocuSign allows firms to prepare, sign, execute, and manage contracts and agreements safely without meeting physically. It is available in 180 countries. Businesses can send agreements in 14 languages and sign them in 44 languages. DocuSign is available from GBP 26.6 ($36). Compare that to the cost of hiring an attorney (GBP 148 / $200 per hour), and you have a clear winner.


Absolute No-Nonsense Admin or ANNA is a UK fintech startup that offers mobile-first banking, financial service assistance, and tax accounting to small businesses and freelancers. ANNA enables small enterprises to run business accounts for incoming and outgoing payments. Users can generate and track invoices, manage taxes, and get guidance to help with taxes. ANNA is free for small businesses with incomes less than GBP 453.5 monthly. It costs merely GBP 18.14 for firms with a turnover of up to GBP 453,554.


Wave is a Canadian award-winning software company owned by Kirk Simpson. Its 100% free app helps small businesses manage accounting tasks for both income and expenses. Businesses can easily design invoices with professional templates. Wave also provides advanced features that allow users to make automatic payments and manage recurring bills with ease. Many small business owners in the UK are immigrant entrepreneurs. Their priority is to send international money transfers as remittances to their families back home. Being able to save on recurring and operating costs is a welcome relief for these enterprising individuals.


H5P is ideal for small businesses which are getting started in the content authoring industry. It’s an open-source eLearning course creation tool that provides authoring architectures. Content creators can insert data in the form of texts, images, and videos. The H5P platform is easy to navigate with simple and clear guides. Users can create more content types including quiz formats, timelines, interactive media, and image hotspots. H5P is conveniently priced with multiple options based on volume of use.


This is a powerful open-source tool for generating tickets and managing processes. The advanced ticketing system of OTRS handles the ticketing needs of all business types. It generates tickets, creates email alerts, and keeps records of transactions. It also allows a plug-in system for ticket barcodes and quick ticket options. OTRS solutions come in Business and Free versions. The price for OTRS Business starts at GBP 3,694.5 ($4,995) yearly for 10 agents. There are also initial consulting and implementation costs. However, users save big on costs in the long run by having their IT helpdesks run OTRS. It improves communication efficiency, offers a platform for strategic management, and integrates seamlessly with other solutions in the work environment. Since the start of social distancing firms are having to connecting with customers online primarily via online helpdesks. Automating administrative tasks using OTRS can reduce the number of employees required to run your day-to-day business operation, cutting recurring expenditure.

Equity Net

Equity Net is a crowdfunding platform for designing and funding business plans. It helps small businesses meet investors. Equity Net has helped small businesses raise over $500 million worth of capital across America since its creation. Business owners can design and publish business plans, then pitch their published plans to those potential investors who are most likely to show interest. is a team of tech professionals that provide 24/7 support to businesses via a remote IT helpdesk. Organizations can immediately connect with experts via virtual house calls, phone, and chat. They help with issues such as computer malfunction, connections to Amazon Echo, removing viruses, recovering lost files, and much more. Pricing starts from GBP 36 ($49) per month for up to 5 staff. It goes up to GBP 258 ($349) per month for up to 50 employees. The service is ideal for small teams working from home. It is helping small businesses save the time and cost of having tech help come and assist on location. also offers a free searchable database on its website, which provides solutions to common tech problems.

About the author:

Hemant G is a contributing writer at Sparkwebs LLC, a Digital and Content Marketing Agency. When he’s not writing, he loves to travel, scuba dive, and watch documentaries.


How Much Money Do You Need to Invest in the Stock Market?

Everyone hears about how profitable the stock market can be, but not many people know if they have enough money to invest in the market or how to even begin. The truth is, depending on where you invest, you don’t need much money to start investing in the market and watching your money grow. There are things that you should be careful about when investing in the stock market, certain signs and triggers might cause you to buy more stocks, sell your stocks, or hold shares until a certain point. Read on to find how much money you need to invest in the stock market and what warning signs you should be looking out for.

Get informed

Doing your research on the market and getting informed is one of the most crucial steps of investing in the stock market. The more information you have on it, the better. This could be joining an investment group, signing up for real time stock alerts, or simply going online and researching which stocks are moving up and down. This simple research you do could be the difference between making a little money and making a lot of money in the market.

Before you invest a single dollar into the market, you need to get informed about exactly what the market is doing. If you’re really looking into doing your research into the stock market, it might be best to find a career in that field so you’re learning about it at work and away from work.

Build a fund

You don’t need much money to invest in the market. In today’s society, more brokerages than ever are helping people with smaller amounts of money begin to invest. These brokerages are offering no commission trades and fractional shares. Both of these can be used for people with lower amounts of money to begin investing in the market and making their money work for them. You could easily start investing with as little as a hundred dollars. You can keep contributing to this fund with small increments of ten dollars or whatever you can get together. Just make sure that the money you invest in the market is money you’re prepared to lose. You don’t want to invest next month’s rent or your grocery money in the market. Save money that you’re prepared to lose and then invest that money.

Find the right brokerage to invest with

Finding the right brokerage to invest with is just as crucial as saving up an investment fund. Almost every major brokerage is offering commission-free trading and offers you the ability to trade right from their app. This makes finding a brokerage and trading so much easier because they all are similar in some regard. Most brokerages also offer fractional shares in their trading so you don’t have to have the entire amount of a stock to actually invest in it. You can have a small fraction of the price of a stock and still have the ability to invest in that stock. Finding the right brokerage is a major key in investing and making your money work for you. If you have a great brokerage with good customer support and all of the features that you need to start investing, you’ll start making your money work for you sooner rather than later.

Is investing in the market difficult?

Investing in the market doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can be if you’re just starting out and don’t know what you are doing. You can lose money and fail at investing if you don’t know where to start. Don’t make investing in the stock market difficult for yourself. Finding yourself a brokerage with a support group or a mentor who knows their way around a stock market is a great way to introduce yourself to the market and start making money with your money. The New York Times suggest that too many people wait to ‘time the market‘ and don’t start investing early enough because of it. Don’t make the mistake of waiting to time the market. Instead, start investing as soon as possible. The younger you are, the more money you can make in the stock market.

3 Don’ts When Getting Arrested

If you are in the unfortunate circumstance of being arrested, you can make the charges against you a lot worse if you don’t respond appropriately. While you may be able to get of jail with the help of bail bonds West Chester PA companies, you don’t want to take your chances on arrest without bail because of your actions. Here’s a quick breakdown of what not to do if you are being arrested.

1. Don’t Resist Arrest

No matter how scared you may be or how false the charges might seem, never resist arrest and run from the situation. This can turn a peaceful routine into something dangerous. Becoming combative, whether verbally or physically, increases the appearance of guilt. It also sets any law enforcement on edge and on the defensive, and in these situations, unfortunate incidents can easily turn to injury.

2. Don’t Get Chatty With Police

It doesn’t matter what they threaten you with or try to tell you. You do not have to speak to them without a lawyer present. Do not answer any questions, and do not volunteer any information. All of it can be used against you. Assert your right to speak to a lawyer and stay quiet.

3. Don’t Believe What You Hear

The arresting officers or law enforcement on the scene have been trained to ask you questions in such a way that your answer could imply guilt. They may state they have evidence or a warrant to search the vehicle or house. If they are asking to conduct a search, they don’t have a warrant. Always assume that you are being strategically questioned, and be on the defensive. Do not consent to a search (loudly and firmly), then remain silent until legal counsel is present.

These three tips can help keep an arrest situation from escalating into something more dangerous. Always remember your rights, and confidently but calmly assert them.