Business Security on a Budget

There are monetary benefits to having outstanding security systems that are hard to deny, once the potential financial loss caused by a burglary is estimated. A business that does not have a reliable security system installed, is susceptible to potential break-ins.


A security system is a one-off expense, while the financial burden of a burglary can last years. The following are some tips and effective (and inexpensive) methods that will help business owners to protect their businesses in the long run.

Possible Impact of Burglary

When thinking about a security overhaul, it is more than just ordering a lock change. It is about changing habits and looking at the place that should be protected from another perspective. If a business gets burglarized, the insurance company will cover the losses, but this does take some time.

Replacement of stolen or broken possessions does not happen overnight, and a business is likely to incur additional losses while waiting for this to happen. This means that existing orders might not be able to be completed and the business might have to stop taking orders altogether, while the equipment is in limbo. This can have a rather negative impact on the company’s reputation, which is something every business should do its best to avoid.

Motion Sensors and Cameras

Two things that deter potential criminals are motion sensing lights and security cameras that record the outside of a building. Potential intruders will be scared off if they know they will be recorded under good lighting, which makes them identifiable. These days a video surveillance system does not cost an arm and a leg, there are affordable options for all budgets.

Keyless Entry System


 The use of a keyless entry system allows business owners to have more control over who is entering the building (or classified sectors inside the business) and when. This also keeps better track of employees and visitors, and prevents unauthorized visitors from reaching areas that they shouldn’t be able to enter.

Entry codes can be unique for each employee and visitor, and the majority of keyless entry systems can be controlled remotely, either from a computer system or from a cell phone. This also allows the user to be directly notified when an alarm goes off in the building, in case that something goes wrong.

When a business owner takes advantage of a comprehensive security system, not only the business place itself will be protected. The employees, their belongings and all the equipment will be safer as well. A safe environment means more comfortable conditions for people to work it, so the effectiveness of the employees’ labor is also likely to rise, once the business becomes well protected.

By biting the bullet and investing in a true security system, the owner can avoid the cost of hassle of damages, legal fees, replacements and reimbursements that are caused when a business has been compromised by a criminal. Such services as a lock change, cameras installation and others can be provided for a rather competitive price by many companies and it’s better to use these services before it becomes too late.

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