Where You Should Be Investing Your Mind in Politically Uncertain Times

You can take every extra penny you earn or save, put it in a savings account and accumulate some interest by the time you retire, but your financial advisor would likely warn against this long-term investment strategy. That’s because the U.S. dollar loses value every year when you look at the rate of inflation. In short, you have to make your investments work for you if they’re going to reach their maximum potential. On an international level, you can invest in foreign forms of currency or just go to school for an international affairs master’s degree if you want an investment you can bank on. Yes, investment is a risk but there is a way for you to make it all work for you even in this politically tumultuous time period.

Investing on the Web


You don’t have to pass the Series 7 exam to trade stocks on the internet and see that you have a varied enough portfolio to weather just about any type of financial storm. There’s crowdfunding, which allows investors to make micro loans directly to businesses and individuals for higher than average returns and interest rates. If you know something about cryptocurrency, you can mine for bitcoins or make a sizable investment in Ethereum. A traditional investment portfolio just may not be the safest way to save and grow your money nowadays.

Knowing What Stocks to Invest In

Unfortunately, investing in companies that have contracts with the defense department and the military are always going to be a safe bet because there is always the threat of war. Lockheed Martin in particular has been a strong company for investors who don’t have much knowledge about the stock market exchange. Investors that have obtained an international affairs masters can hit up the stock market hard, make investments in companies that have a growing presence and know that they are taking a very small gamble.


Get Away from U.S. Markets

So there’s uncertainty in the U.S. and even in the United Kingdom. You have hundreds of other countries that have stable markets that are looking for foreign investors all the time. The best news is that you can make foreign investments from your home, so long as you have an international account which will enable you to secure your money. Convert your dollars into yen, rupees, or another kind of currency and enable you to have more secure investments.


Investments don’t always change sharply in value suddenly, so if you haven’t lost any money yet, you’re already doing better than a lot of your peers. Investing isn’t just about taking risks either. It is best to grow your money slowly and stably than it is to take a chance at winning big and ending up coming up short. If you don’t want to have to work when you reach retirement age, you need to have a fund that you consistently invest in over the next several decades, increase its value and see that your financial decisions outpace inflation and other domestic disruptions to the market.

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