How Gaining A Masters In Social Work Can Improve Your Career

If you have just earned your degree in social work and are wondering what to do next, or you wish to enhance your career and move up the career ladder, a master in social work can help you to do this. This degree can give you the knowledge and understanding to focus on a specialized subject or to apply for that promotion you’ve not had the confidence to do before.

Establish Your Expertise

Completing an online masters in social work can help you to choose your area of expertise and hone your skills according to this. There are many areas that the degree focuses on, including a certificate in violence against women and children. If you have a special interest in safeguarding this category, or perhaps already work in this area, gaining this certificate can give you an even better knowledge base to be an advocate for women and young children. Gaining a master in social work can lead to career choices such as substance abuse, child welfare and public health, depending on your interests.

Advanced Career Choices

Completing an advanced degree means gaining the choice to advance your career much easier. Those with masters in social work are more likely to be chosen for those higher salary jobs, as they have a degree and skill set behind them that others may not. You can apply what you are learning to the job you are currently doing if you choose to work in social work alongside your degree, meaning you can apply learning to real life situations, allowing you to see how what you are learning can be applied to all social work roles.

It Can Be Completed Online

With the degree being online, this can give you many great advantages. You may complete your internship from anywhere in the U.S, meaning you will not be restricted in choosing an internship that can work for you. Working online means you can structure your hours according to what works best around your social, family and work life. Many students find this incredibly useful as it means you don’t have to attend classes every week in a university and the stress of arranging childcare and working less hours, has vanished. You may work from the comfort of your own home or favorite café, with small online classes and close online interactions with both lecturers and your peers- much better than sitting in a large lecture hall being talked at with another 100 people. Another great benefit is that you can complete the degree at your own pace, in as little as three years, or longer if you are very busy or just need more time on work than others, everything works around you.

Gaining an online master of social work has never been so easy. With the extra comfort of knowing you can go at your own pace, in your spare time and work from your sofa, there really is nothing standing in your way.

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