When Employees Feel Valued

As an employee I feel valued whenever the company I work for appreciates me and shows me respect. I also like to have a say in some things related to the company so that I know that I am making a difference that matters.

Some time ago, the company I worked for in the past integrated a very efficient system allowing employees to have access to their Payroll Solutions. I remember being one of the first ones to access the system for the first time, and it was a very enjoyable experience indeed. I guess I will never forget such moments. The reason I remember that I was among the first ones to do it was that we talked about it between each other and shared our experiences with one another.

The payroll solutions used by the company were rather advanced as for the time they were introduced. Honestly, they were very innovative, and maybe this is why we all were so excited about them. A lot has changed when it comes to such solutions, and today most companies use even more advanced solutions than ever before, which is understandable as the progress in technology allows them to do so.

But let me go back talking about my experience with the solutions. One of the first things I was able to do was to submit my holiday requests online without the need to even talk to anybody about it. This was a huge step forward for me, as I still remember how much hassle it always meant to request holidays. Our boss didn’t particularly like the idea of all of us going to holidays at the same time leaving nobody to run the company, so he was rather reluctant granting us some holiday time. With the new system, everything became a lot simpler and the boss had finally nothing to say when we can or cannot take holidays.

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