Can You Get AMC Channel with Dish Network?

Walking Dead is one of the hottest shows on TV right now, but some Dish Network subscribers are still wondering if they will be able to watch the show if they sign up for home TV service with this top satellite TV provider due to a financial dispute between Dish and American Movie Classics channel, more commonly known as AMC. Is AMC channel available with Dish Network?

Does Dish Network Offer AMC channel?

Mad Men, Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad are some of the most talked about series on television these days, but back in 2012 Dish Network users couldn’t watch these hit shows because they didn’t have access to AMC. Why? Dish Network cut short a deal to carry AMC channel’s high definition (HD) service Voom HD and got stuck with a $700 million lawsuit because of it.

Can You Get AMC Channel with Dish Network?


Dish Network subscribers who are fans of some of AMC’s hit shows were outraged that they wouldn’t be able to keep up with their favorite characters due to the lawsuit and might have to resort to watching their favorite TV shows online on their laptops. The legal dispute drew so much heat and attention that a YouTube video contest was even launched called “Hey DISH, Where’s my AMC?” Dish Network lost some of its subscribers when it stopped carrying AMC channel.

Is AMC Back on Dish Network Satellite TV?

As of October 2012 AMC channel is back on Dish Network. Dish agreed to settle the legal and financial dispute with AMC and has re-added AMC to the Dish channel lineup. Dish TV users can watch all of their favorite AMC shows again and not be left out during water cooler chats any longer.

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