Unique Collector’s Item: “The Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Commemorative”

There can be no doubt that having an emergency contingency plan of let’s say, several months income is a prerequisite to having a solid financial future. However, beyond this most basic of financial strategies, investing in precious metals will always have an enduring advantage over other more traditional forms of investing such as savings, bonds, stocks or even real estate holdings.

In today’s gold and silver markets especially, having in one’s possession specially issued commemorative coins, such as this one, can provide a wonderful way to commemorate both a historical, major event and to create lasting wealth. Moreover, when it is issued as a gift for charitable donations to a particularly notable and worthy cause, it is of even more lasting value.

Whether you are a serious collector, an aficionado, a student of history or simply want to celebrate one of history’s brightest moments in the fight for freedom from tyranny, this special, limited edition, London Mint Office issue of the Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Commemorative is something of lasting value to add to your collection.

A Special Free, Limited Edition

As this year marks the 75th anniversary of one of history’s most epic battles, “when so many owed so much to so few,” the Royal Air Forces Association delights in bringing its official Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Commemorative to public acquisition.

As such, the limited commemorative issue proudly displays the Royal Air Force crest and engraved images of the legendary Hurricane and Spitfire air crafts that played such a crucially important part in the defense of Great Britain during World War II.

Superior Quality and Craftsmanship

This is no ordinary commemorative issue, not in symbolism nor in value. Struck by Worcestershire Medal Service and layered in pure silver, this is one commemorative to be remembered and cherished forever. This special edition comes with the RAF roundel in full, bright colours and is fashioned in solid bronze with a 36mm diameter span.

Having Royal Approval

Having been granted status as Royal Warrant Medallist to Her Majesty The Queen in 2008, today this distinguished house continues its rich tradition of manufacturing full size and miniature medals and medal mountings.

In addition to this most prestigious position in service to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, various fellowships and organisations such as The Order of The Bath, The Order of St Michael and St George, The Royal Victorian Order, The Order of The British Empire, The Companions of Honour, The Distinguished Service Order, The Knights Bachelor, The British Empire Medal and The Imperial Service Medal also have been recipients of this house’s world-renown work.

About The Royal Air Forces Association

With a maximum mintage of 250,000 issues, this special commemorative is presented exclusively one to a household by the Royal Air Forces Association(RAFA). A membership organisation that registers as a charity, it provides welfare support to all serving and ex-serving RAF personnel and their dependents.

As a charitable organisation, it receives no government funding. Completely supported by the generosity of its members, donors, businesses and the public in general, one can see how this commemorative issue is so especially worthy of being added to one’s collection.

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