A Guide By XFR Financial Ltd – Best Forex Applications

If you want to remain competitive in your trading of foreign currencies, you need to employ some forex application. In fact there are quite a few applications that give you an edge over other dealers. You’ll find the market offering an abundance of these applications. Here, XFR Financial Ltd examines a couple of applications that are considered among the best.

Meta Trader

This application has earned a great reputation among traders of forex who trade regularly in the market. You can download this extraordinary application, which is available for Android and iOS devices. This application provides you all the functionality associated with the use of PC based software along with the incredible convenience and flexibility, making it an excellent choice for traders who want to use XFR Financial Ltd as a platform.


Successful forex traders largely depend on Bloomberg for getting the latest financial information of the market. Getting the current information is vital for any trader who wants to get excellent returns on their investments. Certainly, its interface is among the major reasons that make Bloomberg such a valuable service. Its developers have indeed managed to get the desired effect in their application.

Without doubt, you’ll find it among the top trading applications available that enables you to get current information of market movements.

XTrade by XFR Financial Ltd

Here is another excellent option for forex traders at XFR Financial Ltd, though it is also equally proficient in helping you with your CFD trades too. Its intuitive and simple interface displays an assortment of live updates that it presents by way of graphs and also in a range of visual displays that enable you to easily and quickly understand multifaceted information.

FX Currency

You will find this relatively simple application very helpful in making superior forex trades. Basically it is a currency convertor but it provides a lot of other valuable information like correct historical data which you’ll find very helpful in anticipating the market movements.

It quickly updates the information regularly which you’ll find dependable at all times. Additionally, it provides information of more than 150 diverse currencies, thus offering you a lot of versatility in deciding the trades you wish to make.


Though it is not a very old application, its performance has been consistent over the recent years. It is meant to give you comprehensive information that nearly includes all the important features that you expect from an application for trading forex. It has an amazing interface that brings together all the features in a manner that is conveniently navigated.


On the whole, XFR Financial Ltd concludes that forex applications can go a long way in enhancing your trading experience and make your life a lot easier. You may find it worthwhile to further investigate these applications and learn more of what all they can do for you.

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