How to Choose Blenders for Industrial Applications

When most people think of blenders, they think of the home appliances with blades in the base that chop food and other ingredients into smaller pieces quickly. Industrial versions of these same machines are slightly similar but come in a range of different designs. You may find yourself in need of a blender capable of mixing yeast, flour and other ingredients when making dough for a restaurant chain or a smaller industrial machine you can use in the back room of your bakery. There are a few things you will want to look at when selecting a new industrial blender.

Type of Blender

One of the first things most shoppers should consider is the type of blender needed for their shop or restaurant. A paddle blender uses a large paddle that works in the same way a stand mixer does but on a larger scale. Another option is a jacketed blender that features some type of metal jacket around the blender that keeps ingredients from spilling out. You may also decide on a ribbon blender, which comes in multiple sizes and shapes. Blender sellers and manufacturers often let customers build a blender to their exact specifications too.

Safety Features

Before using a blender for industrial applications, you must ensure that it has all the safety features necessary to keep all your workers safe. Sanitary safety grates often fit over the top of the machine and ensure that the only thing that goes into the blender are the ingredients you want. Some machines feature hinged grates that let you lift and lower the grate to get the mixture out of the blender later. You will also want to look at blenders that have handles on the top. These handles stay cool, even when the mixture is hot, and the handles let you easily remove the lid.

Optional Components

As you look over the different types of blenders suitable for your needs, pay close attention to the special features available on some models. A heavy duty motor ensures that the blender can hold up to everything you need it to do, and a machine with a variable speed motor lets you switch back and forth between different motor speeds. When shopping for a blender for industrial applications, make sure the model you choose has dependable safety features, that you select the right type and that it comes with all the optional features you need.

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