Why is online marketing the key to business success?

It is a fact that the whole global business sector has undergone a digital transformation. Nowhere has this been felt more keenly than in the marketing world. While the old, offline methods can still be used, online digital marketing has grown to be a major player. If you run a business, then you should be using online marketing methods to your advantage. It will not only help to drive business growth and success but also mark your brand out as a true 21st Century company.

What exactly is online marketing?

If you are unsure exactly what digital marketing involves it is easy to grasp. This form of marketing involves using the many online channels that the internet has provided to market your services to the public.

Below are some of the most common online marketing methods:

  • Online advertising – this form of online marketing is very popular and effective. In fact, a recent survey of US marketing experts found that 66% of the businesses involved used online advertising as a key part of their strategy. This type of marketing activity covers paid search advertising (also known as PPC), display/banner advertising on websites and social media advertising. This is a fast-growing channel as the many specialist online advertising firms that are currently operating demonstrates. San Diego based Iconic Industry show just what online advertising can bring to any company with their innovative marketing solutions. Iconic Industry utilizes cutting-edge online techniques that make this method very effective.
  • SEO – also known as Search Engine Optimization, this is the practice of designing your content and website so that it ranks as high as possible in the search results. Higher placed listings mean that many more people see your services, and consequently, your site receives more visitors.
  • Email marketing – this is an effective online marketing tool that uses targeted emails to let customers know of any product news or special offers you are running. The end goal is to capture repeat custom and generate recurring sales.
  • Social media marketing – as well as having online adverts on social media sites to capture business, it can also be used to reach customers through posts or conversations. This is widely used and gives you direct access to millions of users who could spend money with you.

How does online marketing help drive business success?

It is one thing knowing what the major online marketing methods are but why should your business be using them? The below explains just how they can make your business more successful and generate more revenue:

  • Control costs – digital marketing tools are outstanding for giving complete control over your costs. Pay per click online advertising is a great example of this. You have the scope to select which keyword to target and how much each click will cost you along with having more dynamic control on when the advert runs. In the long run, this will help you to curb overspending.
  • It’s where your customers are – it is thought that four billion people now connect to the internet globally. Using online marketing puts your brand out there where the customers are.

 Easier to track results – one great thing about digital marketing tools is that they are far easier to track in a more detailed way than traditional methods. Using analytics software, you can track each marketing campaign online to see what is working and what is not. That indicates where you should put more resources to attract new customers. Of course, it also allows you to cut campaigns in markets that are losing money to protect your business finances.

  • Reach out across the world – marketing online puts your business in front of far more potential customers so that you get the chance to sell more items and expand into lucrative new overseas markets.

Brand loyalty is also vital

Anyone who is involved in business now knows that building a strong brand that consumers identify with is essential. Online marketing is great for this as you can use tools like social media to engage directly with consumers to showcase your company. By engaging with consumers on a personal level they are more likely to remember your business and will perhaps shop with you on a regular basis.

If you are in charge of a business or the marketing of one, then making full use of online methods is crucial. It will help you reach more potential clients or customers and drive sales.


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