Why Are There Immigration Laws?

Anyone who grew up in the United States and went through the public education system knows that the country was massively expanded by immigration. To some degree, you could even consider immigration to be the reason that people from Europe were in the Americas in the first place. They came here to find land, wealth and opportunity while the country was still controlled by European powers, having no rights of its own. More immigrants came in the years after the Revolutionary War, when the United States became its own country, and they still continue to come to this very day.

However, getting into the United States is not so easy as getting on the next flight to New York or Boston. There are many immigration laws that have to be followed. Some of these stipulate how many people are going to be allowed into the country, other address who will be allowed to enter and who will not, and still other laws regulate how many people from certain foreign countries are allowed within the borders of the United States. On top of all of that, there are laws regarding what to do with people who break those initial laws and get into the country illegally.

For a country that was built on immigration, the United States certainly has made it difficult for people to get in now. Why are there all these laws in the modern age? What purpose do they serve? Are they really necessary? These are all important questions to ask when considering this issue.

If you talk to someone like Robert Bratt, who has conducted investigations into immigrants who have already arrived in the country on a grand scale, he will tell you that the laws are needed. One of the most important things to look at is the criminal backgrounds of all of the people who apply for entrance. They have to go through criminal background checks to make sure that their records are clean, and they may be denied immigration rights if they have a criminal past, especially one that is full of violent crimes.

Along with this, officials will look to see if they are wanted for legitimate crimes in their home countries. They cannot run to the United States in order to try to escape justice. They must remain in those countries and face the charges that are against them.

As you can imagine, this all takes quite a lot of time, but it is certainly worth doing. While the United States is open to people who want to go there for all of the benefits that it provides, it would not be wise for the leaders to allow criminals to enter the country. There is already a high enough crime rate, and allowing more criminals in, especially those who are fugitives from justice, would be dangerous for all of the people already living in America.

The immigration laws can be hard to understand and they can make the process of coming to America very lengthy. This is frustrating for immigrants who have done nothing wrong and who just want more opportunities in life. However, many of these laws and regulations are certainly founded in things that cannot be ignored. Criminal background checks are merely one example, but they illustrate the need for these laws.

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