Which Whiteboard is Best for You?

One of the best investments the traveling business person or educator can invest in while shopping for whiteboards online is something portable. Moving whiteboards give speakers a lot of versatility while speaking and allow the listeners to focus on the information. As many shoppers have discovered, the needs of presenters and audiences have led to a diverse selection of whiteboards. Choosing the right one will require a good plan for the presentation and knowledge of what is available for purchase.

Plain Whiteboard
The plain whiteboard is typically a total erase surface with an aluminum frame. Those who purchase this board usually hang it on the wall where it stays in a stationary position at all times. These are a good choice for lecture style environments that face rows of seats for an audience. Most are platinum magnetic and can hold magnetic letters or other small magnets. They also come with a tray built onto the bottom that can hold dry erase markers when they are not being used.

Mobile Whiteboard
The mobile whiteboard gives a few more options. Most are freestanding and come with wheels so that they can be moved around for better visibility, or easily removed when they are not needed. Often, these boards stand like easels and are reversible. This gives presenters the option to continue writing without having to erase or pre-writing the material on both sides of the board. A lightweight folding version of this board can be easily carried to off-site presentation locations.

Sliding Units
Whiteboards with sliding sections can be customized to fit almost any presentation need. Some are added to the casework, or they can be added to the floor or wall. They can be installed horizontally or vertically and placed on track systems so that one part of the board can be removed and placed in another position. Buyers can even choose to have sliding whiteboards that are manual or motorized. The options are endless.

Interactive whiteboards take writing with dry erase markers to a new level. They allow presenters to do dry erase, projector or magnetic displays that audiences will not likely forget. Using the interactive feature will require a projector in project images and sounds for listeners. The surface of the interactive boards are often made with porcelain steel, which can withstand dry erase, semi-permanent, permanent or water-soluble markers. Crayons and pens usually do not damage the surface either. A dry cloth or a cloth used with a special cleaner can remove all kinds of writing.

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