Where it is better to buy investment property?

The international property market is expanding. But there is one point to interest: where it is better to buy investment property. Most investors consider Dubai the best place of purchasing property.

Most people and especially investors consider that it is the right decision to buy investment property. Prices for real estate items increase constantly, and this trend continues in future. So, it is evidence of high returns of this type of investment. But among most investors there is one point of interest: where it is better to buy investment property?

Any person who buys luxury apartment or villa on the sea coast provides himself with comfort during his holidays. And if he purchases a house in the country with stable economical and political situation he will be able to make himself safe from any financial crashes. Besides, property can be resold or rented, and as a result its owner gets good returns.

When choosing the country it is necessary to take into accounts some important points: developed infrastructure, residential conditions, high living standards, and the steady growth of the economy in the region where one wants to buy property.

Now the foreigners and investors are looking to buy Dubai property.

Why it is worth to buy Dubai property?

1. Favorable location and up-to-date infrastructure

Dubai has very good geographical position that makes it the largest business and trade center in the Middle East. Besides, the city has the busiest airport in the world, Dubai International; a big seaport; improved transport network.

2.    Quality of life

Living standards in Dubai are improved constantly. According to Mercer’s data, Dubai ranked sixty-seventh among the cities with the highest life quality.

3.    Economy stability

The UAE economy growth reached 5.2 per cent in 2013. This fact witnesses that the Emirates demonstrate the strong growth and strengthen the position of economically stable state.

4.    Development of Dubai property market

The property experts say that Dubai property prices have shown significant growth for the last few years and almost reached pre-crisis level. At the beginning of this year the market sees some signs of stability. The analysts of the property market consider that it is evidence of economy development and healthy recovery of the sector.


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