Using Watchmen To Track Employee Hours

When employees are on the road all the time, the business needs to make sure they are using watchman clocks to keep up with the hours that have been worked. Every business can make it easy for their employees to report their hours, and these clocks are easy for employees to keep in their vehicles. Consider how easy it is for one of these clocks to manage the hours of all the employees in the fleet.

The Setup

When an employee is given a clock to use in the field, they are going to be able to leave that clock in their vehicle. They will be able to turn the clock on when they start for their first job, and they can turn the clock off when they are done with their last job. The hours that are gathered are accurate, and these advanced can communicate with the company the number of hours that are worked each week.

The Style

Many of these watchman units are fitted with a strap that the employee can wear on their work belt, but these same units can rest inside the truck when the employee is on the road. The best way for employees to use these clocks is to set them up on their dash to start the day. They will be able to see the clock easily, and they will not have to wonder what time it is. Also, the employee can see just how long they have worked on each job.

The Communication

The clock is going to be set up to work with a software program that is used on the computers in the office. The company will get updates on the employee hours, and they can transfer this information to their accounting software when it is time to do payroll.

Every business needs to use these clocks to make payroll easier for everyone involved. The people that have to complete payroll can use this information more easily, and the workers will not have to worry about how they are going to report their hours.

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