Thinking about closing a limited company? Business Recovery has cash flow solutions

It can be difficult to continue doing business when you are having difficulties paying debts, but this is no reason to close down a business. Business Recovery is a company that can help business owners to find solutions to business owners. They help business owners to determine solutions to suit their unique situation. This company specializes in business rescue, when you really are not ready to give up on your business, but you need to avoid liquidation.

If you are closing your company and it can still pay its bills it is considered “solvent” and you can apply to have it struck from the Register of Companies or commence a members’ voluntary liquidation. If your company cannot pay its bills, it is considered insolvent and it may be facing a compulsory liquidation if you are unable to pay your creditors.

Banks and creditors are constantly applying pressure, and it could cause you to become so focused on your debts that you forget to take your assets into account. Business Recovery will help you to gain a better understanding of the value of your assets and help you to use them to your advantage through asset finance.

Many companies need to find cash flow solutions but are unable to get the assistance that they need. They end up going into administration for their unpaid debts and in most cases; they could have resolved those issues by getting in touch with the right specialists to help them take care of their problems. One of the most helpful cash flow solutions offered by Business Recovery is invoice financing. This solution allows you to make use of all of the money that you are due right now instead of having to wait for payment.

It is difficult to keep an eye on cash flow and investments if you do not know where to look. It could be that you are spending a lot more money than you are aware of and it is important to identify where all of the money is being spent. A variety of things can drain your finances including fruitless investments and funds that are being spent on things that your business does not need like unused storage space. Business recovery will help you to discover areas where you can save money by identifying areas where your money is being wasted.

If you think that your only option is closing a limited company, then you need to get in touch with Business Recovery. This company is ready to help you to approach your business problems from the ground up and help you to deal with all of them systematically. They can negotiate with your bank for lower bill payments and speak to suppliers to reduce monthly bills. All of these amounts of money can add up to several thousands of pounds annually and this money can be put towards securing the financial future of your company.

If you are tired of constantly looking over your shoulder and want to go to the bank without worrying what they might do, make the important decision of seeking help today. Call us now and rescue your business from financial and legal woes.

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