Simple Ways to Share Your Culture With Others

In a social culture that has yet to fully understand and appreciate diversity, it may seem difficult for non-native Americans to share their culture and embrace their true identity. Simply being in America does not mean you should ignore your native cultural influences. In truth, the country stands to benefit from learning about your traditions, practices, and cultures. Here are some simple ways to share your love of your native country with others.

Look for Similarities

There are some cultural traditions that seem to have a place in each nationality or ethnic origin. Storytelling, songs, art, dance, and music often display areas of overlap between cultures. Incense and symbolic fragrances like those promoted by KratoMystic also tend to share a place in religious routines or holistic healing rituals. Discussing the similarities establishes a non-confrontational approach in cultural exchanges.  

Break Down Cultural Stereotypes

There may be a lot of misinformation floating around about your heritage, and your lifestyle, actions, and words can help break down negative stereotypes. You can volunteer at the local community center to teach a class on traditional dances of your country, or you can host an ethnic dinner at your home for some of your colleagues or friends. You can look into teaching a language class at local schools, as this is a way to address the youth of the nation and encourage an accepting mindset toward other cultures.

Get Involved in the Community

By getting involved in the community, you will find many opportunities to share your culture and traditions with others who have had limited exposure to other ethnicities. You can volunteer as a translator at the local hospital or courthouse, or you could work with a college or business to develop a student exchange program. You can also start a local column in your newspaper dedicated to exploring cultural issues and experiences from within the community.

Your differences should be a reason for division. With the right attention and awareness, you can use your culture to help educate your community about the beauty of diversity.

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