Saving Money on Your House Move

Moving house is stressful: this is common knowledge to the extent that it regularly tops lists of the worst experiences you can go through (next to bereavement and divorce), even if the science doesn’t quite back that up.

What fewer people talk about is how expensive it is. Even moving from rented room to rented room can put a strain on your finances, and buying a house has many more expenses than the just the cost of your new property. You have to factor in fees and commission from estate agents and solicitors as well as cleaners, a removals firm, any insurance you wish to take out and costly ‘final bills’ for utilities in your old home. It can leave you light in the pocket when you really want to be enjoying settling into a new house and making it your own.

Today we’re looking at a few ways you can move home and still afford takeaway pizza to celebrate.

Buying at Auction

One way to control the cost of moving house is to dramatically reduce the cost of your new house itself. Buying at auction often means a much reduced price tag, and that doesn’t just mean paying less on the house: it’s less commission on the amounts changing hands, which can knock literally tens of thousands off the total bill.

One thing you have to be aware of when buying at auction is that the properties are frequently not in as good condition: the reason they’re being sold at auction rather than through an estate agent is because the owners are absent, deceased or otherwise unable to show the property as much care as you would normally prefer. Don’t take on more than you can handle and do some research into how to renovate a house before you opt for too dramatic a fixer-upper.

Cutting Side Costs

If you can’t compromise on the buying process you can try to cut down on the costs surrounding your house move. This will give you more money in hand, as ultimately the commission on the process is a part of your overall mortgage budget, while buying a stack of cardboard boxes from a stationer comes straight out of your current account.

So, to keep these side costs down, go do it yourself, and fall back on the support of your friends: they’ll be there to catch you. Ask if any of them have boxes and packing materials left over after their last move – many people have treasure troves mouldering away under the bed or in cupboards simply waiting for you to call.

Everyone’s been through a stressful house move, which means people will have all the sympathy needed to down tools and help you. If you ask, you’ll find at least a few friends willing to lend you their time to help you move, and avoid paying a removals firm: just make sure you show your gratitude appropriately afterwards!

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