Save Money Without Feeling The Pinch

The beginning of the year is always an ideal time to look at our finances and see how we can save money here and there. However, for many of us saving money fills us with dread – because who wants to live a life of cutbacks? Thankfully, there are ways that we can look at saving money without feeling the pinch too much.

Savvy Shopping

One of the best things you can do is become a savvy shopper. Grocery shopping is something that most of us do on a weekly basis, so if you can save even a few pounds a week it can make all of the difference. That doesn’t mean that we have to go to shop own brands or cut back on what we buy, but just be a bit savvier about what we are putting in our trolley. Check websites like Hot Deals UK to see what supermarkets have good deals on that you could save money on and of course look out for vouchers to see what you could save. For example, shopping at a discount grocery store like Aldi would save you money, but using Aldi coupon codes on top of that would save you even more.

Cash Back Websites

There are different websites such as Quidco and Pigs Back which will give you a cash back amount on items you buy online. The amount you can get back varies and it doesn’t always include all shops, but seeing as you buy in more or less the same way as you usually would, it is so hassle free that any amount you do save is a real bonus.

Shop The Sales

Organisation can be imperative when it comes to shopping, especially for presents and gifts. Make a list of the birthday presents that you need to buy at the start of the year. That way you always know who you have to buy for. This gives you the perfect opportunity to buy items in the sale, even if it is a few months in advance and get a name ticked off the list – perfect!

Save Small Amounts

Saving money is hard, mainly because we all try to save such large amounts. Every day take out the smaller coins from your purse and put them in a jar or pot somewhere. It might only be a few pence each day, but if you do this over a year the amount you could save is surprising. You could even empty this and cash it in just before Christmas to help you cope with the financial strain of the holiday season.

Of course, as much as we all try to be financially savvy accidents do happen. If you have been involved in an accident which has affected your finances then you could be entitled to compensation. The Accident Advice Helpline help people with all sorts of compensation claims following accidents, so why not get in touch with them today to see what they could do for you?

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