Reading Success Stories

I never hesitate to read stories that inspire me. One of such stories is the success story of Margot Micallef. Margot is a mother, lawyer, educator, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who has strong moral values and determination to succeed. Her favorite motto is “when you reach the top, keep climbing” signifying that a person should never rest on his laurels, but rather keep working towards another achievement. Being complacent is never a good thing, and Margot Micallef knows about it and encourages others to embrace this simple truth.

I’ve learned a lot from this strong woman, who not only is a mother, but at the same time fulfills many other roles. Her example taught me how to persevere and how to be determined to achieve success. Later today, I am going to read some of her other articles to see what else I can learn from her. I am sure that there are many other things out there I could learn. Constantly learning new things is always a good thing as you need to keep progressing instead of regressing. If you don’t move forward, it simply means that your move backwards and become less and less successful. Margot taught me that you can never be too successful, and that you should always be on the lookout for new things to achieve.

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