Paper vs Digital Mail – How Staying True to Traditional Formats is Harming Your Business?

Did you know that physical mail can be extremely inefficient and unprofitable for your business? Actually, the more physical assets are exchanged with various organizations and companies, the greater the incurred costs. What are the main disadvantages of paper mail and how can digital mail help you overcome these challenges? Keep reading!

What is digital mail?

Digital mail is a premium, cutting-edge solution that allows you to automate inbound and outbound mail within your organization. Thanks to special intelligent software documents are automatically digitized and sent to the right addressees.

As evidenced by the ongoing pandemic and growing popularity of remote work, digital mail is a helpful solution that enables easy, efficient, and effective communication. It’s dedicated mainly to large corporations, and multinational companies across different industries.

Why does paper mail harm your business?

Since many people are afraid of changes and prefer to stay true to traditional paper mail, it’s worth noting that this form is highly inefficient and generates great hidden costs, which may have a negative impact on the condition of your business.

Why does paper mail harm your business?

  • it causes great labor, money, and time inefficiencies,
  • as a business owner you don’t have any control over the correspondence, and you can’t check who actually accessed it,
  • it slows down customer service and responsiveness,
  • it’s hard to organize,
  • it hinders remote work, as it is inaccessible in a shutdown.

Paper vs digital mail – which one to choose?

As evidenced by the above paragraph, paper mail isn’t the most optimal and profitable solution. Apart from actual costs of sending physical correspondence and distributing it to appropriate departments, it’s simply more time-consuming and less safe. The latter feature is probably one of the greatest disadvantages for institutions and professionals dealing with sensitive data on an everyday basis (e.g., banks, doctors, lawyers).

Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem -a digital mailroom. Thanks to digitalizing inbound email you’ll be able to:

  • decrease your operational costs (even by $1 per piece),
  • make your business processes more efficient and quickly distribute necessary correspondence,
  • keep track of people who have seen a given document – enabling complete control over viewership and authorization.
  • significantly reduce the time needed to respond to your customers and improve their experiences,
  • easily integrate digital mail software with your inhouse tools, and workflow systems,
  • increase the operational security within your organization,
  • adapt the software and its functionalities to the size and needs of your business,
  • access necessary documents from any place in the world.

The takeaway

Digital mail is a technologically advanced solution that can streamline your business processes more than you think. If you’re looking for a way to improve efficiency of your company and provide more professional services, digital mailroom software will certainly help you boost customer satisfaction, while reducing your operational costs.


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