New Payment Solutions

Americans need their pizza. $275 million worth of frozen pizza has been purchased in America, a 92% increase compared to 2019. Some retailers have even had to limit the amount of frozen pizza that customers can purchase at a time.

Despite the current global pandemic, American pizza chain Domino’s has reported an a 4.4% increase in global retail sales in the first quarter, and a 1.6% U.S. same-store sales growth  and a 1.5% international same-store sales growth.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic Domino’s has offered customers a Text to Pay solution, but in light of the social distancing measures put into place the company has moved to a contactless delivery model. Delivery drivers leaving the customer’s order at his or her front door, or at the store’s front desk when a customer places a pick up order.

With social distancing measures encouraging contactless payments, many restaurants can benefit from following Domino’s lead with Text to Pay (SMS) solutions. SMS solutions allow businesses to text customers with payment reminders, and accept payment via cell phone.

Over 80% of Americans use text messaging, and with 98% open rates and 95% read rates it’s easy to see why SMS Payment Solutions are such an attractive customer billing option.

The pizza giants have also expanded paid leave for full/part-time hourly employees. In a letter to Domino’s customer, Ritch Allison, CEO of Domino’s stated:

“As the single largest owner of Domino’s stores in the United States, we will be expanding paid leave for full and part time hourly employees of our company-owned stores and supply chain centers during this outbreak. All employees who are unwell are asked to stay home. Those with any possible exposure to the virus and in need of quarantine are also asked to stay home and will be paid.”

Domino’s has also made a major push to improve their store’s hygiene practices “based on the advice of the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and other health authorities to minimize the risk of the transmission of COVID-19 for both team members and customers.” Employees in store locations are increasing the frequency of surface disinfection, as are supply chain centers.

CEO Ritch Allison reports that Domino’s is in a “very strong financial position, both at the brand and franchisee levels” despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Allison continued, reassuring consumers that despite these uncertain times, Domino’s has “great confidence” in the brand’s ability to manage this crisis.

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