Learning From An Executive’s LinkedIn Page

When executives are using LinkedIn to share information with others, they are going to offer a great deal of information because these pages are often reserved for their business colleagues and connections. Connecting with someone like Sukanto Tanoto is going to allow people to learn from his many exploits in the world of business. When an executive is highly regarded in the business world, they often speak at conferences and gatherings that they note on the their LinkedIn page. Also, these people can upload updates that are going to allow people to learn from their daily wisdom.

Daily Posts

Following an executive who posts to LinkedIn on a daily basis is going to allow for a great deal of learning. One never knows when wisdom and quotes will be posted Also, there is no way of knowing where that wisdom comes from. An executive could be leaving a board meeting, staff meeting or responding to a negative experience. All of these experiences could cause these executives to post wisdom to their page that will inform others.

Their Events

When these executives are attending different events, they will post those appearances on their profile. If other people in the business world can attend these events, they can add them to their schedule. The executive may also offer deals on tickets to these events through their LinkedIn profile. This is a wonderful way for people to learn more from the biggest names in the world of business. This is also the only way for many people to get into close contact with these brilliant figures.

Their Publications

When a business executive writes a book or publishes an article, they are going to post about it on their profile. People can choose to purchase these books, or they can come to a book signing that they learned about on LinkedIn. The connections that people make on this website will bring them closer to their heroes in the world of business. A job could come from these connections, or the young worker may be asked to publish a joint article with one of these executives.

There are many ways for people to connect to the biggest names in the business world. These social media accounts are going to allow executives to share their experiences, share their wisdom and connect with young workers who need a bit of guidance.

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