Learn the Facts not the Myths about Home Alarm Systems

A home alarm monitoring security system is the most effective way to get peace of mind that your family, possessions and property are protected against burglars, fire and other emergencies. Other security systems make noise and could draw the attention of the neighbors, but it may or may not repel burglars, because, after all, what can the neighbors do but call the police. This is risky at best. With a monitored system, the police, fire or ambulance will be called within minutes or seconds, no matter what.

Is It Expensive?

It is a common misconception that monitored systems are expensive. It’s true, some companies charge high prices for monitoring because they offer the system at a big discount. They fail to tell you when you have paid for the system many times over and still charge higher prices for the monitoring. You can save on alarm monitoring systems by removing the middle man. You work directly with the monitoring service that will connect your existing security system to their monitors.

Many alarm systems are installed by alarm dealers and connected to a wholesale monitoring provider. They purchase monitoring and pass the cost on to their customers. You can work directly with a monitoring central station and get the wholesale rates yourself.

Who Can Connect?

Any system that is keypad programmable or capable of upload or download can be monitored. Most VoIP systems can also be monitored as can wireless systems. You don’t have to pay for your system over and over again. When you just pay for the monitoring, it is very inexpensive.

You system can be monitored even if there is no electricity. Any sensors such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, emergency health sensors for the elderly and even your sprinkler system can be monitored if it is connected to the alarm.

Why Monitoring Is the Best

As mentioned before, relying on your neighbors is risky. What if they aren’t home when your alarm is triggered? A monitored system will protect your home even when you’re not there. If an armed burglar forces you to turn off your alarm, a secret code will be sent to the monitors indicating that you are in trouble.

You may also have the misconception that false alarms are expensive. Good companies will not charge for false alarms, but the police and fire department may. Monitoring systems really do give you great value for your money.

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