It Is Time for Gold Independence Day 2019

If you are an investor, you need to be able to make all sorts of decisions. One of them is deciding in which type of assets you will want to invest. Two obvious choices here are crypto currencies due to the popularity, as well as gold that has always been popular. Having said that, it turns out that you don’t have to make that decision anymore as thanks to the introduction of a new currency called The Karatgold Coin (KBC) you can easily exchange it into gold if this is what you wish to do.

Exchanging Karatgold Coin into gold is not possible yet, but it will all become reality on so-called the Gold Independence Day 2019, which will take place on 04.07.2019. You might want to mark your calendars now, because this is when for the first time Karatgold Coin will be able to turn it into gold. As Harald Seiz, the CEO of KBC said, “We keep our promises and now make the exchange of coins into physical gold at a sensational conversion rate possible for the very first time”; “we said it – we do it”.

Below you will find some reasons why investing in KBC is a better option than investing in Bitcoin.

1. Every Karatgold Coin is always backed up by gold, a tangible asset. This only proves how safe this new currency is. Up until now, various investors have been vary of cryptocurrencies regarding them as unsafe due to a number pf hacking attacks on Bitcoin. Nothing like this can happen in case of Karatgold Coin and should make all the investors more at ease.

2. The exchange will take place at an amazing rate of 1 gram of gold with 24 carats for 100 coins. You might want to remember the motto that “tokens / coins become gold”. This will happen on the 4th of July 2019.

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