It Is Easy To Merge Accounts In Salesforce

When it comes to customer relationship management software, cloud-based CRM services have an edge over the other desktop-based CRM platforms. The cloud-based CRM platform is cost-effective as it helps in reducing the investment in hardware with the help of shared computing resources via distributed computing, parallelism and virtualization. Also, cloud-based software systems are redundant and resilient which means that they have inbuilt failsafe features for disaster recovery within a short period of time.

The Benefits Of CRM Software

It is extremely easy to increase storage capacity, processing capacity as well as memory as the demand for service increases in the case of cloud base CRM solution. A cloud-based CRM software allows a business to increase productivity with fewer human resources which means that one can bring down the operating costs by investing in a well designed cloud CRM solution.

A cloud-based CRM system also allows access to global human capital which can further bring down the labor costs. The centralized access to various projects and data makes it easy for the sales team to get more clients and serve the existing clients in much better manner. New services can also be deployed at an accelerated rate with the help of cloud computing.

A well-designed CRM software also allows businesses to increase sales by providing them results based on historical trends at the click of a button. This allows business to make well informed business decisions. It also allows businesses to understand the specific requirements of their customers and help them in cross selling different products by suggesting alternatives.

How To Merge Accounts In Salesforce

There are a number of different cloud-based CRM solutions available today but Salesforce remains one of the most popular choices of businesses all over the world. In fact, this software solution is so popular that there are a number of websites with dedicated learning solutions to train users in this platform. Also, the software platform allows other developers to sell their own applications to businesses based on this platform.

When you open an account with Salesforce, the data entered by you is not checked for duplication by default. Sometimes, it is possible that multiple records for same data are entered by different users. In other words, duplication of records inside the application is a real possibility but there are solutions available if you want to merge accounts salesforce.

To merge accounts, you need to choose a master record and merge all the other records in this master record. While the platform has made it very easy to merge different accounts, it is important to keep in mind that one can easily erase important data by not paying attention. Therefore, it is recommended to take proper care before deciding to merge accounts in salesforce.

One also needs to have a specific set of privileges to merge accounts. In other words, there are adequate safety precautions built inside the software application to ensure that none of the users can accidentally merge different accounts. There are a number of video guides as well as step-by-step screen shot guides available on the Internet for merging accounts. Follow these guides to easily merge accounts in salesforce.

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