How to Reduce your Water Bill?

Clean water is something that most people in the world take for granted.
They don’t realize that many people don’t have the access to clean water and that many people die because of this.

Water is the single most important resource that we must have in order to survive.

If you want to save money and do something for this planet, it is time that you start to think about how much water you are spending.

You probably think that you don’t waste too much water, but the truth is that you can cut your water bill in half if you just follow few tips.

There are many ways you can reduce your water consumption, and the next advice will help you accomplish that.


The first thing you must do is to buy smart toilet tanks. Flushing uses almost a third of your daily water consumption, and you do not need to flush every time you have #1.

The second biggest problem is showering and bathing.

If you decide to take a shower, you will spend significantly less water.

Install low flow shower heads, and reduce your showering time.

If you only do these two things, the difference will be really big.


Next important thing is to avoid running water. This often happens when you are brushing your teeth or when you wash your hands.

If you are not using a dishwasher (and you should), you are wasting a lot of running water.

Dishwasher is good because it uses less energy and water to clean your dishes.

When you are buying a dishwasher or water heater, always look for energy efficient appliances.


Check all pipes in your home for any leaks. Even if there is a small leak somewhere, you will waste water.

Don’t have a huge lawn that you water each day. Plant some trees or other plants.

Start to collect rainwater and use it to water your lawn.


Other ways to save water

  • Water your plants with used water
  • Wait for the washing machine to be full before you turn it on
  • Wash your car at a carwash – it uses less water
  • Avoid frequent baths


Saving water is one of the ways you can protect our environment.

We must be aware of the effects of global warming and we should be responsible for this planet.



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