How to leverage Instagram as a freelancer in 2020

Leveraging Instagram is crucial for freelancers who are looking for new customers in 2020. A platform that boasts millions of users each day can significantly increase your sales and revenue. But as a freelancer what steps should I take?

1. Understand the power of Instagram

Instagram is a simple to use platform that currently has 4-tabs. As we approach a more minimalistic future, social media apps that have a minimalistic application approach are taking more market share.

It is estimated that in 2022, Instagram’s monthly users will increase to 989.1 million. Just imagine as a freelancer taking a small portion of that pie? Furthermore, to retain their user’s interest in the app, Instagram continues to roll out new features to further enhance how a user interacts with their follower user on the social network.

Adding to that, Instagram is now becoming more and more integrated with its parent app Facebook, and we will soon begin to see a much older audience above the ages of 45 adopt Instagram as a social network. 

So without further ado, let’s begin! 

2. Convert your profile to a business profile

Converting your profile to a business profile allows you as a freelancer to display your contact number, address and email address. This is key to prospective customers – building trust as they can see that you’re clear and transparent and you’re not simply hiding behind a screen. 

To convert your personal profile to a business profile:

  1. Open your Instagram app and sign in to your account if you already haven’t done so.
  2. Tap the profile icon to go on to the profile tab.
  3. On the top right of your device, tap the 3-lines icon.
  4. Tap on settings from the menu that has just opened up.
  5. If you have a Facebook account, we strongly recommend you to connect the FB account with your Instagram page.
  6. The magic part: Enter in your contact information, email and a physical address (if you have one).
  7. Then hit done, congrats you’ve now got a business profile for Instagram.

3. Set the right goals and objectives

Freelancers often create an Instagram page and assume they’re going to increase their sales by 3000% within a couple of days. Chances are that’s never the case unless you’ve got a big marketing budget.

A good number you want to go for is for every 200 organic followers, there will be around 1 sale. Bear in mind that Instagram, just like any other social media platform will have a lot of cold leads rather than hot leads.

Based on how often you post and the quality of your content, you’ll be able to see steady growth. The influencers you see that have amassed thousands of followers? Chances are they’ve been posting for years and have experienced a “snowball effect” on their viral content.

So set the goals and objectives based on the time and resources you have. If you’re posting once a week: then post once a week and see how much engagement you receive from your posts and how many followers you acquire. Then make your goals and objectives from there.

If you’re not seeing your goals being met, then start posting more frequently and finetune the quality of your posts. So you want to finetune your posts? Then read on!

4. Finetuning your Instagram content

Posting the best content, tailored to your audience is a matter of trial and error. Freelancers should post non-salesy content, but content that users can relate with.

You should post several posts and see which post receives the most engagement. When we say engagement, we mean likes, followers and views. What encourages engagement is when a user sees another user follow that same account – as mentioned before this creates the snowball effect and social proof that you want.

If you’re after social proof, it is highly recommended to get Instagram followers according to the country you’re targeting. Let’s say you live in the United Kingdom, you would want to buy Instagram followers in the UK.

For example, are you a freelancer in digital design? Then post about your work and then follow it up with a testimonial from your customers. Post a mixture of your work, testimonials and what goes on behind the scenes of your work. This is an excellent combination to get you, new clients!

If you also want to acquire more customers at a rapid rate and have some money to spend, then reach out to influencers. Once you’ve agreed with a good price, don’t just send any content to the influencer, send them the best content you have and have the influencer tag you in their post and link your details in their bio.

5. Use Instagram’s Direct Messaging Feature

Instagram’s direct message feature allows pretty much anyone to contact you. If a potential client has any questions, they can message you in a single tap without the need of any other details.

On your posts, you should encourage a small conversation on Instagram’s direct messages, and that’s where most freelancers find their new customers – after building rapport. 

The direct message section allows you to also send images of what your potential client can acquire through your services or product. So be sure to take advantage of this.

If you’re not camera-shy, why not start a video chat with them? This will significantly increase your chances of winning over new customers, converting them from cold users to hot customers!

The wrap-up

In summary, place great emphasis on the quality of your page. Once you prioritise quality, the potential customers on Instagram will follow.

You won’t get overnight success from starting to use Instagram. But repetition and consistency will get you the success you want over a long sustained period.

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