How I Got Macbook Pro Financing with No Credit Check

I found myself in a real bind over the weekend when my laptop computer died on me. What made it worse was that I had an assignment due in the coming week and all my notes were on my computer and I couldn’t get to them.  Most people would say, “Well, just go to any of the big box stores and buy a new one.” The problem is that I did not have the cash to buy a new computer, didn’t qualify for credit at any of the computer stores, and couldn’t get a credit card either.  I could go to the library and use a computer there, but they only give you an hour and I would need longer than that to finish my paper.

I’ll bet some of you can identify with my situation. I’m a college student and working on my thesis. My computer was several years old and I knew it was going to need to be replaced soon. I just hoped it wouldn’t be this soon. But, oh well. This is what it means to be an adult in the real world.

I go to school full time and work part-time at a restaurant doing food prep and washing dishes 5 nights a week. I used to also buss tables, but my hours got cut since the pandemic because the restaurant is only doing takeout or delivery now. So, I don’t have access to a lot of cash, and I’ve only been at my job at the restaurant for a few months now. Most creditors want you to have at least a year at your job and a decent credit rating.  My credit rating is very low because nobody will approve me for a credit account and it’s hard to get credit without a good credit rating.

What I ended up doing is going in a different direction for financing and got a really great deal. My sister told me about something she saw online and it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. A company called RTBShopper sells rent to own laptops, TVs, video game consoles, appliances, and more. The requirements are few and there is no credit check. It looked like I might actually have a chance to get a new laptop.

I fell in love with a MacBook Pro I found there and hurriedly filled out the application. It only asked a few questions about age, (you have to be at least 18 years old), social security number, and if you have an email address and phone number. I was approved instantly for $2,500, which was perfect because the laptop I wanted was the MacBook Pro with the Intel core i5 processor, 16Gb memory, and 512 GB SSD for $2,339.99.

After getting approved, I put down a deposit of $50 and was ready to go on to the next step. Their products were fulfilled by Best Buy, and luckily, there was one right down the street from my apartment, so I could go and pick it up tomorrow. I was in shock. I could hardly believe that I had been approved for MacBook Pro financing and now was the proud owner of a new computer.

For anyone out there who is in a situation like I was and doesn’t have the ability to get credit, try this place. There is no credit check, and they have name brand products that you know and trust. I have been turned down for credit in stores and left feeling very embarrassed when I didn’t qualify.  But with this program, practically anyone can qualify as long as you meet the requirements. You must be 18 years of age, have a verifiable income, a phone number, a social security number, a form of payment and a valid ID. That is all you need. The monthly payments are affordable and are deducted from your account on your pay day.

It can be very frustrating to be turned down for credit because you have bad credit/no credit. You need credit to get credit, and if nobody gives you a chance, how are you going to improve your situation? Stores like RTBShopper that offer rent to own laptops or appliances make it possible for more people to get the things they need to make their lives better.

How It Works

Here is what it says on their website:

  1. Browse the site and add products to your cart.
  2. Click ‘Continue Checkout’ to go to the lease application.
  3. Pay the initial $50.00 upon approval and sign your lease.
  4. Pickup your product(s) – often the same day – or have them shipped.
  5. Make payments on time  when they are due.

What makes this option such a winner, is that it only cost me a little time and $50 to get a brand new, top of the line Apple MacBook. I would encourage anyone with bad credit or no credit at all, who has been turned down for credit elsewhere to try RTBShopper. Most likely you will qualify like I did, and will finally be able to buy that prize possession you’ve been wanting to get for so long. They have a good selection of products and everything is brand new in the box. Nothing is used or refurbished, every customer gets a brand-new item.

If you count yourself among the credit challenged, then you need to give this a try.  It won’t cost you anything but time and a $50 investment. Being able to get that MacBook saved me when it came to getting my assignment in on time because I had no other means to get it and doing all my work in the library wasn’t an option.



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