Helping Your Child Put Away Money for College

If your child wants a sustainable career in today’s job market, she’s going to have to go to college. Unfortunately, as higher education becomes increasingly vital to long-term success, tuition rates continue to skyrocket. That being the case, it’s imperative that you start saving for your child’s higher education as soon as possible.

Open a College-Focused CD

Well into the 21st century certificates of deposit, commonly known as “CDs,” are helpful tools for saving money. When opening a convenient CollegeSure CD at College Savings Bank, you’ll be able to take advantage of a wide range of savings options. These variable CDs are meticulously indexed to college inflation rates as measured by the IC500.

Apply for Scholarships

Scholarships can help ease the burden of paying for a college education. With this in mind, encourage your child to apply for any scholarships for which she may qualify. These include athletic and academic scholarships, as well as scholarships directed at minorities and certain ethnic groups.

These days, even entry level positions require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree – at the absolute least. To ensure that you aren’t strapped for cash for when it comes time for your child to pursue higher education, remember to open a college-focused CD and encourage your child to apply for scholarships.

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