Why Malta is a Good Place to Retire

Malta is a small country located on a few islands in the Mediterranean. Not everybody has heard of this country, but some of those who have heard about it decided to retire there. Here are only some reasons why it is a good idea to retire in Malta:

-Almost everybody in Malta speaks English. English is also one of the two official languages in Malta. Due to the British presence is the past, Malta has strong ties with the UK.
-The climate in Malta is very attractive. Summers are hot with no rain at all, while winters are mild with no snow. Decembers can feel like spring or even summers in North Europe or North America.
-Malta is affordable to foreign visitors especially from Western Europe or North America. Renting an apartment or a house can be affordable and inexpensive.
-There are many great things to do in Malta. Malta is a country rich in history and culture. Almost every city is home to at least a few tourist destinations that are worth visiting. Malta also has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. People in Malta swim in the sea from May to October, although some decide to swim throughout the entire year.

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