Health and Finances

How much money do you spend yearly on your health? I am not only talking about the amount of money you spend on your health insurance yearly, but also about the amount of money it is worth to spend on some additional treatments such as DVT prevention.

The truth is that it is really difficult to put a price on health. You might not think about it when you are still young and in good shape, but when you discover a blood clot in your leg you probably wish you had done something about it earlier.

Blood clots are a good example of a condition that can be prevented and treated early. If you suspect that you might be at a risk of having one I suggest that you take the matter to your doctor immediately and do something about it. It is so much better and easier to treat the condition in its early stages that I cannot stress enough the importance of it. You might want to make sure that you don’t ignore and know that no amount of money is too big to pay for your health. After all, as I always say, you cannot put a price on your health.

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