Financial Translation Services are More Important than Ever

Finance and banking is the Mecca of all international transactions that occur all over the world. People who work in these fields find themselves faced with negotiable instruments, contracts, and statements from different parts of the globe, more so now that current technology has allowed for data to be shared in just days to seconds, depending on the media. Currency transactions are just the tip of the iceberg.

The movement toward a global marketplace is inevitable. It is now imperative for those who want to work in this field to have firsthand knowledge of not only a number of languages, but also exposure to the culture of those languages.

This phenomenon has lead to an upward demand for translators who have background in banking and finance who were raised in multilingual and multicultural homes or people who specifically went to the UK to earn their advanced degrees.

As people who study finance and banking, we were told early on to diversify our risks and weigh in opportunity costs. We are told to constantly look for opportunities and grab it. However some apply this a little too late. We must start looking for it while we are still studying and not after graduation. Being a translator who specializes in the field of banking and finance is one of the best opportunities you will ever get.

You may be wondering what makes it so. There are many part-time jobs out there. What makes it different from others? Here is a table that would help you weigh it all in:


Normal Part-Time Job Part-time job as a translator
Work in schedule, being present in specific times of the day within a work week Work anytime you want
May or may not let you learn more about your degree, it is purely a matter of chance Lets you learn more. Working with documents from both ends allow you to become proficient at both the language and jargons of the two countries
Would not likely be an option after you graduate Would definitely be your fallback option
You report in your workplace to do your work You can bring your work anywhere and submit it via the internet
You do not have a choice on what they let you do You have a choice. You have the power to refuse and accept projects that are offered to you


By Hafiza Ershad

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