Common Occupational Injuries and Taking Action after Getting Hurt at Work

Many people think that on-the-job injuries are relegated to those that are traumatic or cause someone to die. However, many injuries that happen at work today tend to be more common, yet arguably unappreciated by both employees and employers. When you wonder if you have been hurt on the job or if you have recourse to take legal action, it may suit you to speak with a legal insider like an Iowa lawyer or a workers comp law firm first. You can even speak with legal counsel for free when you visit the website and find out your contact options.

Types of Injuries Experienced by Workers Today

As noted, an on-the-job injury does not have to be dramatic or result in someone’s death. While traumatic injuries like a fall off a high ladder or being crushed by machinery absolutely qualify for legal action, other injuries likewise have the same recourse in court. For example, if you have developed carpal tunnel syndrome because of repetitive use of your hands and fingers, you may have reason to file a worker’s comp claim against your employer.

Likewise, if you have been burned while cooking at work and can no longer use the affected body part like normal, you may have reason to pursue legal action against your company. These injuries, as well as bone breaks, exposure to chemicals, and even more life-threatening injuries like cuts, wounds, and other serious damages all can be covered by your state’s workers comp laws. You can know for sure by consulting with an attorney before taking action, however.

Consulting with a Legal Team

You may know that you can take action against your employer, but might have been hesitant because you lacked the money for a consultation with an attorney. When you go online, you can discover that your initial meeting with a lawyer can be free.

The attorney can then tell you if you have a case and what action you can take. You can also find out specifics like fees and other details. Your attorney can pursue a claim and even take action if you have been unfairly fired from your job. You have a legal advocate when you retain a lawyer to assist you.

On-the-job injuries can be as common as burns and repetitive use injuries. You can take proper action by trusting an attorney.

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