Call Center Services

It has been said that, although big business has deep pockets, the small businessperson is the backbone of the economy. Financing for entrepreneurs is easier to get and, thanks to Ecommerce, start-up costs are lower, according to Forbes. Getting a business up-and-running is only the beginning of a successful venture though, and some new businesses fail because their owners are much better at developing and managing product than they are at managing the office. Many businesspeople just don’t have the “people skills” necessary to deal with customers. Plus, businesspeople with both small and large enterprises suffer from the lack of the same resource: time. The greatest contribution a businessperson makes to his company is not his degree or his money. It is his creativity and passion. The chore of handling office duties restricts the time they can spend on dreaming and building their dreams. That is why so many of them are turning to call center services.

Though they are practical for any sized company, these services are especially liberating for small business owners who must be everything from receptionist to salesperson and troubleshooter. What do these “services” entail? Well, at SolidCactus there are a range of jobs that the call center can handle. For one thing, they can deal with declined credit cards. This is an issue that can be hard to resolve, and is certainly time consuming. The call centers can also contact drop shippers and manufacturers, check incoming mail, manage incoming calls and call backs and even check voice mail. They also are adept at dealing with customers. They can capture sales when customers call the business, and answer questions about the products. At SolidCactus, the staff receives consistent and continuing training to make sure they have the latest information to give customers. Using call centers is like having an entire office staff. They act as an answering service because businesses can’t afford to miss even after-hours calls, and as a phone receptionist. The first impression customers have of the business is the person who answers their call. If that person is abrupt and dismissing, the negative customer experience may drive them to a competitor. Customers do not like rudeness, nor to be put on-hold. The call service employee can relay messages and screen calls, answer questions and give price quotes, just as a permanent office manager would do. Customers cannot see an office, they only hear a “staff.” SolidCactus even manages live chats with customers.

Not all businesses need every service. Entrepreneurs need to budget wisely, and even large companies have overheads. That is why the innovative line of services offered by SolidCactus is so empowering. It allows business owners to pick and choose from the buffet of services to customize their virtual offices. Some companies will not need a live chat, for instance. Still, it is great to know that the services they chose will be up-and-running twenty-four-seven and working for them to build their dreams.

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