Broken British Promises

If the strong British Empire can be brought low during a financial collapse, how safe is your wealth portfolio? From the beginning of its creation, the British pound sterling has been a recording mechanism for the productivity of the nation. Suddenly, after Brexit, it collapsed by 11%. Is Gold now safer than the British pound?

Carney: “No More Bank Bail Outs!”

In Aristophanes’s The Frogs, the foolish, lies and clownish behavior of politicians was lambasted. Sadly, Aristophanes might have been correct. The British politicians are a prime example.

The sun never sets on the British Empire

British Prime Minister Cameron was arguing against Brexit after it was shown that he had offshore bank accounts to hide his wealth. In 2014, the Bank of England Chief Mark Carney promised – “No more bank bail outs!” The citizens were angry and had their pitch forks ready.

How valuable is the promise of a politician?

After Brexit, the British pound fell 11% in one day, back to levels last seen in the 1970s. That means that three decades of productivity were wiped down in an instant. Are you willing to trust your wealth to those who can’t even defend their own currency?

Broken British Promises

Perhaps, June 24, 2016 was the final setting of the sun on the British Empire. After promising not to support any more bank bailouts, what did Bank of England Chief Mark Carney do after Brexit? He set up a paper money fund to bail out the banks again. Yes, he did.

When does it end?

If a wise stock trader does not throw good money after bad, why would the head of a central bank? To add insult to injury, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne supported money printing after Brexit. Are these Brits insane? Don’t they understand that endless money printing leads to inflation and even hyperinflation?

Fire Up Paper Currency Printing Presses!
If you want to lose 11% of your money by following politicians, go ahead. If you want some wealth to pass onto your children, think about buying some of my gold Karatbars. My name is Harald Seiz and I am not a politician. I allow you to invest in gold to protect against inflation. Transfer out of paper currency notes and into precious metals.

My name is Harald Seiz and I am the CEO of Karatbars International GmbH. For years, I have been helping clients protect their wealth by purchasing Karatbars. Brexit was a warning siren.

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