6 Things You Absolutely Need for a Driving Road Trip

Road trips can be adventuresome, explorative, and rewarding experiences. However, there are a few preparations and essentials you need when you drive a road trip. Check out the following advice for a smoother, safer adventure.

A Fine-Tuned, Inspected Car

Before you start your road trip, get your car inspected for problems. Pick the best automotive franchise in your area and schedule an appointment for a full work-up. If you have any issues, get those resolved before your trip. Then ask for a final fine tune to ensure you are free of most mechanical dilemmas, such as a leaky transmission or loose battery.

Emergency Safety Precautions in Your Trunk

Perhaps the most important essentials for your road trip, emergency safety gear should be well-stocked and ready in both your trunk and backseat floorboard. This could be a couple of backpacks with non-perishable snacks, a change of clothes, a thermal blanket, flares, a knife or two, a hammer (in case you need to break your car windows from the inside), and bottles of water. Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes.

Sweet Tunes & Awesome Melodies

Time passes quicker and smoother when you have some of your favorite, awesome tunes to keep you company. Road trips can get old quick, especially when you are seated on the highway for hours and hours. You can beat your boredom by belting out sweet melodies from a custom CD or two.

A Companion or Two

Road trips are more fun when you have friends to share them with. Recruit a companion or two for good conversation on the road. This is also an extra safety precaution, as friends can take turns driving and footing the bills for stop-and-go snacks and gas.

A Light Pack of Clothing and Toiletries

Pack light for your road trips. Take a few changes of clothing for every kind of climate, plus a small parcel of travel-friendly toiletries, like soap, shampoo, and deodorant. You can always buy whatever you need whenever you get to where you are going.

Chargers and a Back-Up Cellphone

Don’t neglect to check and double check that you have your phone chargers and a back-up, throw-away cellphone. You need to know that you are able to get ahold of someone in the case of an unexpected emergency.

While these aforementioned essentials are musts for any road trip, you also need an idea of where you are headed. Map out your stops, destinations, and ultimate trip goal to get a better, safer grasp on where you will be at what time. Successful road trips are all about preparation.

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