5 Tips for Choosing a Good Menu Cover

They’re a detail often overlooked by restaurant owners, but menu covers can provide a lasting impression to guests about the quality, type and aesthetic of your food. If you’re wondering how to commission a cover that will speak to the soul of your menu, here are just a few tips.

1. Determine Your Style

What kind of image do you want your restaurant to project? Do you need something that will complement a cozy, comfortable atmosphere or a sleek and professional one? The menu cover of a kids’ cafe shouldn’t look the same as the menu cover of a five-star seafood restaurant.

2. Think About Materials

A menu cover can be made of everything from leather to aluminum. Plastic is one of the most common because of its affordability, but if you have a bigger budget to spare, you can also consider things like wood, acrylic and copper.

3. Know Your Price Range

Speaking of money, it’s a good idea to have a price range in mind before you start shopping for covers. This is because they’re sold in bulk, so even if an individual cover price looks reasonable, you’ll need to multiply it by 20 or 200 to get the final figure that will be on your bill.

4. Pick A Font

Different fonts will send different impressions to your guests. For example, flowery scripts might suggest romanticism while stark lettering is great for professional people and working lunches. Make it a point to research font types until you find one that represents your brand.

5. Evaluate Different Sizes

Before you print out those menus, make sure your menu cover will also look good in that size. Sometimes images can distort oddly if they’re too big, and other times they just won’t look appetizing if they’re too small. You’ll need to find the size that’s just right if you want an impressive cover.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when creating your next menu cover. You can also reach out to design professionals if you need a little help envisioning or commissioning the ideal cover. Good luck!

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