4 Ways to Make Sure Your Job Application Gets Noticed

Whether you are searching for your first job, a graduate career, or even if you are a seasoned worker looking for new employment, making your job application stand out from the crowd is key to landing the job of your dreams as quickly as possible. Today, most job openings are posted online, meaning that there are usually far more applicants than there were in the past. Because of this, you’re often up against hundreds or even thousands of other applicants, whether you’re applying for a corporate managerial position or your first job waiting tables. So, what can you do to make sure that your job application makes your potential employer stand up and take notice? Read on for our top tips.

Tip #1. Do Something Different with Your Resume:

One of the biggest ways of making your job application stand out from the very beginning is to do something creative and a little bit different from the crowd with your resume. Bear in mind that one of the first things that your potential employer will do is read through the resumes that have been sent to them, so it’s vital to ensure that yours stands out in what could be a huge pile. For example, this lady who really wanted to work for Airbnb put together a creative resume themed like an Airbnb advertisement – and quickly got the attention of the CEO!

Tip #2. Have a Strong Portfolio:

If you are hoping to land a creative job in the design industry for example, then your resume alone may not be enough to impress a potential employer. The good news is that with most job applications being taken online, it’s easier than ever to include a link that can be clicked on by anybody who wants to discover more about you. Taking the time to put together a website with examples of your past work, positive reviews from people that you have worked for and more information about yourself can really pay off. If you’re trying to transition from freelance to a full-time career, this could really work for you.

Tip #3. Focus on Your Skills – and Show Them Off:

This is an important tip if you’re currently in the process of applying for your first job and have no employment history to show. Whether you’re just graduating high school or are completing your first year at college, chances are you have developed a number of transferable skills over the years that you can apply to work. However, don’t just write a list of your skills and leave it at that – provide employers with examples of when you successfully used these skills in the past, or even better, utilize them when putting together your application.

Tip #4. Do Your Research:

Lastly, once you’ve found the perfect company and job opening to apply for on Job Application Center, it’s important to conduct plenty of research on the company to show your potential employer that you’re serious about working for them. Put yourself in their shoes – would you prefer to hire somebody who knows little about your business, or an individual who is clearly passionate about learning more?

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