4 Ways To Earn A Passive Income

There aren’t many people who would turn down the chance to make some extra money, but when we’re all so busy in our day jobs is there really any time to add a side hustle to our lives, even if it could bring in a steady stream of revenue? The answer is yes if you choose to earn a passive income and make money while you’re doing other things. Here are some of the most interesting ways to do just that.

Open An Online Store

Selling items online is a popular way to make money, and more and more people are opening their own e-commerce sites. Most of these sites will need to be monitored so that when you sell something, you can package it up and send it to the customer. If you try drop shipping, however, things are different. Drop shipping means that if someone buys from your site, an order goes directly to your supplier who sends out the item for you. The customer pays you, you pay the supplier, and you keep the difference. Although it will take time to set up your site and begin marketing, essentially you could easily be making money when you sleep.


Trading is not something you should do if you’re looking to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. Trading is about being patient and waiting until you have made a good return on your initial investment. It’s easy for beginners to lose a lot of money at the start of their trading journey, so it’s important to do your research on sites such as pro digious news. Trading well is about taking calculated risks, and even the best, most successful traders will never trade more than they can afford to lose.

Make YouTube Videos

Making a video and uploading it to YouTube is a relatively simple thing to do – you can even do it from your smartphone with the right editing apps. If you have a large number of subscribers to your YouTube channel you can make money each time someone watches one of your videos because of the advertising that is put across the screen. This is another income stream that will take a while to set up (you need to build your followers and make good videos), but once you have, you can bring in many hundreds, thousands, or even more dollars every month.

Create An App

Apps are big business, and some of the most popular are bringing their creators millions of dollars every year. If you want to have a passive income that really sits well with the trends of today, app making has to be where to look. You’ll need to have some coding and tech ability, or you’ll need to read up on it before you can make your app. You’ll also need to come up with the idea that captures people’s imaginations and helps them out of a problem they might be having. If you can solve that problem, your app could really take off.



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