3 Questions To Ask About Your Coffee Routine

If you love a steaming cup of caffeinated goodness in the morning, then your coffee percolator, pot or French press is most likely getting its fair share of use every day. However, are you really treating yourself to the best brew your machines can make? Here are three common mistakes that will hinder your favorite cup of coffee.

1. Do you clean the coffee pot daily?

If not, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. Not cleaning the pot leaves leftover oils and coffee fragments that go stale and seep into the next pot you brew. It’s a germ fest that not only spreads unwanted contaminants but also adds unwanted flavors to your next cup. Taking a few extra minutes to use soap and water in the pot will go a long way in the freshness of your coffee.

2. Are you using fresh water?

While it may be tempting to use whatever tap water is on hand because it’s boiled, and the germs are steamed out, the flavor and pureness of the water still affects how your coffee tastes. Since the beverage is mostly water, you want to make sure you’re brewing with something that’s fresh and full of good qualities. Using purified water from a filtration system is your best bet.

3. Is your brewing temperature too hot?

When crafting a coffee to warm your soul, the water doesn’t have to be piping hot to do the trick. Instead, try brewing just under water’s boiling point. When the water in your pot is too warm, it hinders the extraction process of nutrients and antioxidants from the beans and leaves you with a cup of coffee that didn’t reach its full potential.

If coffee is a major part of your daily routine, don’t you want to find ways to improve and perfect your caffeinated craft? Asking yourself these questions and making the necessary changes will help bring your coffee to the next level.

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