3 Great Curb Appeal Enhancements for Your Business

Are you a small business owner looking to improve the look of your commercial space? Customers have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing where to stop and shop – make sure that they choose your store by enhancing its curb appeal with these three great improvement projects.

1. Improve the Landscaping

Combat the stereotype that commercial spaces are cold and uninviting by devising a complete landscaping strategy. Plant a combination of blooming bulbs, herbaceous plants and berry bushes to provide year-round color and be sure to take great care of the grass. Instead of spending all your time caring for the landscape, install an irrigation system to take care of the job. Consult with the experts in professional irrigation St Louis to keep your landscaping adequately watered. You’ll be surprised at just how much some landscaping will give your business a more inviting and attractive appearance.

2. Perform Regular Cleaning

Part of creating curb appeal should include keeping the entire exterior of your commercial property neat and tidy. Luckily, you can do this job very easily by using a pressure washing machine on exterior surfaces including walkways, windows and don’t forget to clean your signs, as well. In addition, empty all exterior trash cans daily and hire a cleaning service, if necessary.

3. Address Damaged Pavement

Paved areas, including parking lots and walkways, contribute greatly to the overall curb appeal of your commercial space. What’s worse, even small areas of damage can prove to be a potential liability. If you choose to take on a full replacement of these paved areas, choose a company that offers perpetual pavement installation – it stands up to high use and the elements much better than traditional pavement options.

Investing in the curb appeal of your commercial space shows that you care about a customer’s shopping experience. Follow these tips and you’ll create an inviting atmosphere that customers will remember.

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