3 Don’ts When Getting Arrested

If you are in the unfortunate circumstance of being arrested, you can make the charges against you a lot worse if you don’t respond appropriately. While you may be able to get of jail with the help of bail bonds West Chester PA companies, you don’t want to take your chances on arrest without bail because of your actions. Here’s a quick breakdown of what not to do if you are being arrested.

1. Don’t Resist Arrest

No matter how scared you may be or how false the charges might seem, never resist arrest and run from the situation. This can turn a peaceful routine into something dangerous. Becoming combative, whether verbally or physically, increases the appearance of guilt. It also sets any law enforcement on edge and on the defensive, and in these situations, unfortunate incidents can easily turn to injury.

2. Don’t Get Chatty With Police

It doesn’t matter what they threaten you with or try to tell you. You do not have to speak to them without a lawyer present. Do not answer any questions, and do not volunteer any information. All of it can be used against you. Assert your right to speak to a lawyer and stay quiet.

3. Don’t Believe What You Hear

The arresting officers or law enforcement on the scene have been trained to ask you questions in such a way that your answer could imply guilt. They may state they have evidence or a warrant to search the vehicle or house. If they are asking to conduct a search, they don’t have a warrant. Always assume that you are being strategically questioned, and be on the defensive. Do not consent to a search (loudly and firmly), then remain silent until legal counsel is present.

These three tips can help keep an arrest situation from escalating into something more dangerous. Always remember your rights, and confidently but calmly assert them.

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