10 Tips for Saving Money on Thanksgiving Shopping

If you are planning to throw a Thanksgiving party then it is indeed a great idea. A party means arranging food, decorating home and work on a few little things. If you throw this party each year then you have clear idea that it requires your time, energy and money. Every person wants to have fun but also to save money. So, if you want to achieve both things then here are 10 tips, which let you get what you want.

  1. Do Planning: You should start planning about things two weeks before thanksgiving. Decide what kind of meals you need. It is not good to plan one day before because you definitely feel panic and things mess up easily. If you make a plan about all needed things then you don’t have to buy in hurry and get some things, which are not required.
  2. Buy Non-branded Items: When it comes to food and other things, you should try to keep your eyes away from brand and try to grab generic items. Online stores such as Amazon, Target, Best Buy, etc brings great deals on both branded and non-branded items. But when you prefer generic goods then you save more indeed.
  3. Place Order for Kitchen Items online: As you are going to cook especially on Thanksgiving, you need cookware, kitchen tools and machines,tableware, tupperware, etc.. These items are available at deep discount and best of all, many stores such as L.Beans and Best Buy offers free shipping before this special day.
  4. Get Cheap Decoration Items: You surely want to decorate your home on this big event, so don’t grab very expensive items. Dollars stores such as Family Dollar, Dollar, etc brings Thanksgiving paper decoration items for as low as $ 1 for you. Use these items in a creative manner.
  5. Menu Planning: When it comes to menu planning , you can surely do some saving. Many store bring sales one week before the special day just to boost up sales. You can check prices of products online. Add those ingredients, which are on sale. This is how you can make the best and affordable menu plan.
  6. Clear Fridge: Before this day arrives, you need to clear space in your fridge just to save leftovers. It happens that you have turkey and pie leftovers. You can check some online recipes, which let you use turkey and pie leftovers in a yummy way.
  7. Get Discount Codes: You should find the best coupon website which offer you best coupons for online shopping.
  8. Make a Good List: Before you head to shopping, you need a good list. Check all available food items in your kitchen pantry and then add those items, which you don’t have.
  9. Follow Retailers: If you follow big retailers such as Walmart, Target, Amazon and other then you get a chance to get discount price alerts.
  10. Use loyalty cards: When you use these cards then you have a chance to save more money on a Thanksgiving shopping. It is because every company like to reward customers and members on special day in a special manner.


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