3 Things Bitcoin Needs to Do to Become an Actual Currency

Bitcoin is finally starting to reach the mainstream to the point that you can buy Bitcoin through SEC approved investments in addition to currency exchange sites. However, it isn’t quite at the point of being equivalent to cash. Here are 3 things Bitcoin needs to do to become an actual currency.

Stabilize in Value

Volatility is normal with currencies. However, extreme volatility is commonly seen in currencies in distress, such as devaluing the currency in the hope of improving exports and the national economy or being devalued because of punitive trade restrictions. Bitcoin’s rapid rise and periodic wide swings are more akin to a buy and hold investment than a currency. For people to consider it as a currency, they need to be able to buy it and expect to know how much they need to pay for specific things.

Another problem is the issue of cryptocurrency hard forks. When Bitcoin splits, as recently occurred with Bitcoin cash, miners may not be able to find common ground. Now the new currency is worth almost nothing. Bitcoin itself saw a dip in prices because of fear that the July, 2016 fork would create multiple parallel currencies.

Broad Usability

For Bitcoin to become a true currency, Bitcoin owners shouldn’t have to hunt for the one coffee shop in the state that accepts it. They need to be able to buy any real estate with Bitcoin or pay their rent with it, not find the few luxury projects that accept cryptocurrency as payment.

One hurdle for Bitcoin is the time it takes for transactions to clear. When people already get mad when someone whips out a check book to pay for groceries, waiting 10 minutes or more for someone to pay for items via Bitcoin will be seen as a major negative by businesses and consumers alike.


Trust is a complex issue, but the simple truth is that people don’t buy what they don’t trust. When Bitcoin is accepted by many more retailers, they’ll see that businesses trust it, so it is safe for them to acquire it and use it. The lack of trust is made worse by the lack of insurance for Bitcoin. If you put half a million U.S. dollars in a bank account and the bank goes bankrupt, the FDIC’s deposit insurance guarantees you’ll get at a quarter million dollars back. And the FDIC has never failed in that mission. Conversely, if you lose $50,000 in Bitcoin due to a hardware failure or software glitch, there is no backup, there is no insurance, and there is no perceived safety.

Another problem is Bitcoin’s association with criminal activity. In this article that was published on Wall Street Hedge on August 5, 2017, Bitcoin wallets linked to Wannacry ransomware were used to collect ransom before being drained. Trust is hard to build, and stories like this erode it.

While Bitcoin is achieving the volume and passing regulatory hurdles necessary to move toward becoming a full currency, it isn’t there yet. If it doesn’t meet the various standards necessary to count as a currency, it remains an investment that could become a bubble instead of a lasting store of value as intended.

3 Reasons You Should Consider a Degree in Business Analytics

Business analytics is the analysis of masses of data collected by businesses. Business analytics is becoming a critical skill for businesses, even as it is coming into its own as an academic discipline. Here are three reasons to get a degree in business analytics. We’ll also discuss how the degree relates to a number of professions.

The Critical Skill for Good Decision Making

Data-driven decision making was touted as a solution for businesses by management gurus like Peter Drucker a few decades ago. However, the computer revolution was necessary to collect and enable analysis of those masses of data, and as the amount of data goes far beyond SPC charts and what you can analyze in a spreadsheet, managers are increasingly in need of business analytics skills.

In fact, you can find business majors who are spending hours learning business analytics and business IT system maintenance, just as they learn about accounting software. If you complete a formation In Business Analytics, you’ll have a skill set that employers value while standing out from the mass of generic MBAs.

The Easy Entry to the IT Field

If you get a degree in business analytics, along with an IT formation or in e-commerce, you can work on the data analysis side. You could determine the customer market segments that are buying a product and give advice on what customer profiles should be studied; someone else can alter the marketing content that already exists or put together the A/B testing of deals presented to customers. You could be the person who designs reports that the database administrator does the work to actually build. The possibilities are endless.

The Ability to Move into Virtually Any Field

You can find many people who are learning how to analyze data as part of their jobs. If you complete a degree in business analytics, you could be the data analyst in the quality control and quality assurance department who verifies the product does meet product standards.

You could support operations by analyzing real-time IoT data for potential issues to be checked out by maintenance staff. We already mentioned how data analytics skills allow you to work in SEO and digital marketing. The same skills are increasingly applied to accounting records to flag potential cases of fraud and allow businesses to close their books faster.

If you wished you could work in environmental science or engineering, you could work for utilities as a data analyst, working with the internet of things, smarter appliances, and smart meters. Now you can flag potential problems before it causes rolling brownouts, better manage highly variable renewable energy sources, and give actionable suggestions on how to maximize efficiency. Or analyze the data to determine warning signs before a major product failure, information needed by design engineers.


Business analytics is becoming an invaluable skill set for businesses in all industries. It is the backbone of digital marketing and search engine optimization, and it is being utilized in cutting-edge research across the board. And given the sheer influx of data coming in as the Internet of Things rolls out, demand for this skill set is only going to grow.




Effective Ways to Boost Profits

As a small business, one of the most important things is making a profit, no matter how small it may be. However, after a little while, you might feel that you want to increase your profits and make more money. With the margins being so small, you need to be careful about how you change your strategy in case you make things worse. Here are some top tips for boosting your profits as a small business.

Changing Your Procedures

One way that you can start making a difference to your profits is to try and change your procedures. It could mean that you try to make savings to your business so that you can maximize your existing profits. Go through all the things that you spend money on as a company and see if there are any ways you can trim your expenditure. Can you negotiate better deals with suppliers? Are there any expenses that you could do without? Doing this can be the most effective way to boost your profits as long as you don’t try to trim too much.

Stay Connected with Customers

If you haven’t been using social media much until now, then you need to start. It is a hugely effective way to generate more leads and influence your customers. You can try to spend a little on social media advertising, though this isn’t essential. You need to keep your company and your products in front of your customers so that they think of you the next time they need a product like yours. Offering discounts and incentives is another good way to engage with people on social media, such as targeting special offers only for those following you on Twitter or Facebook.


Apart from social media, are you running your marketing campaign effectively? Check your sales figures to see if your current marketing campaign is generating more sales. If it isn’t, then what can you do to improve it? Perhaps you need to start using a content company like your content shop to help you convert your strategy into more sales using blog posts. It could lead to savings for your company, especially if you are spending a lot of money on individual campaigns.

Involve Your Workers

Promoting your brand is vital to making more sales, that means you need everyone on board at your company to help sell. From the customer service advisers to the management, everyone needs to be promoting the company and spreading the word about your products. Encourage your staff to do this by offering ways to develop their jobs roles or to climb the company ladder. It is also a good way to spot rising talent in your company and nurture it for the future. If your company has sales reps or workers that use company cars, consider branding the cars so that they are giving you free advertising as they drive around.

Keeping the profits rising is what every company wants, and with these tips, you might see a rise in your company’s profits.


Habits That’ll Help You Build A Healthy Bank Account

It’s not easy to build a healthy bank account when you have poor money habits or aren’t educated on the best practices for how to manage your finances. If it were simple, then everyone would be doing it, and you wouldn’t need to be continually educating yourself and reading tips.

You first have to care about protecting your money and making your finances a priority. It takes you paying attention to the details and introducing behaviors that will help you meet your goals. Believe that you can do it and you’ll be on your way to changing your approach and finding success.

Find A Stable Career you Love

Be smart and picky about what you do for a living. Use a resource like best auto mechanic schools to get trained in a rewarding job that needs talented people to fill positions in various locations. Work on finding a position that plays to your talents and delivers a stable paycheck. Once you’re doing what you love, you’ll naturally start to build a career path that will likely offer promotions, bonuses, and new opportunities. Your first focus should be to find a job you love that pays well and will help you achieve your financial goals.

Get Good at Saving your Money

You have to change your habits if you’re someone who gets money in their pocket and immediately spends it. It may help you to set up your accounts so that a part of your paycheck automatically goes into your savings and you don’t even see or touch it. Put your efforts into saving, instead of spending and watch how quickly you’re able to grow your bank account. Start putting loose change and extra dollars into your savings and out of your sight right away.

Create A Budget

Saving will also become easier when you follow a budget. Use online resources or work with your spouse to create a budget that fits your lifestyle. Doing this will force you to be honest about the bills you have to pay and how much discretionary money your budget leaves you with when you take care of what’s most important first. Determine how much you’re going to save or invest each month and don’t go over your allowed amount for entertainment or fun money.

Shop Wisely

Be cautious about how you’re spending your money when you’re out and about. Don’t automatically purchase items because they’re in front of you. Wait until they go on sale if you can or choose a cheaper brand whose product functions the same. Start shopping and spending within your means and see how quickly your bank account starts to look healthier. It’s all about putting in a little extra effort to save a few dollars here and there.


Simple and doable strategies exist that will help you build a healthy bank account. Adopt new habits that make it easier for you to do so. The results will be less stress and more wiggle room with your finances.

How to Save Money on Your Household Bills

If you are finding that money is tight, especially with the rising cost of groceries and energy, you will be looking for ways to save money. You might already be looking to using vouchers and buy one get one free deal to help with the shopping, but there are other ways you can save money. Start to look at your regular household bills to see how you might be able to shave some money off or get a better deal.

Energy Suppliers

Although you might think that most of the energy companies offer the same tariffs, there are good deals out there if you are prepared to shop around. The key is to check online and compare all of the energy companies in your area, some of the newer companies will have better offers to entice new customers. Speak to your energy provider and ask them if they can switch you onto a better tariff if they can’t then tell them you will be changing to a new provider. It might be the incentive they need to help you save money by matching the deal.

Internet Providers

Along with your energy supply, your next most expensive household bill will probably be your internet bill. Just like your energy supplier, many other providers can give you a better deal. One way that you can save money is to look at package deals; these are bundles your provider will give that include a TV subscription, landline, and internet. By having one of these bundles, you can sometimes save money rather than having separate deals for each. You should research the different providers and see who can give you the best deal.

Car Insurance

Your car insurance is, of course, an important policy to have, though that doesn’t mean you have to pay over the odds for it. Some companies sometimes have special deals with businesses, so it’s worth checking with your employers first to see if they have such a deal. There are also insurance companies that can give you a reduced policy if you are prepared to have a black box fitted to your car. The box monitors your driving, and if you are careful, you get money from your policy. It is particularly good for new drivers whose premiums are often the highest.

Other Bills

As well as the regular household bills, there may be other bills or subscriptions that you should be thinking of changing. Some of them such as gym memberships might need to be canceled to save money. If you are unsure how to do this, there are websites such as technology dreamer that have guides to help you. You should also check any magazine subscriptions that you no longer need; sometimes they can carry on with the payments unless you cancel them.

Be willing to go into detail with your bills to make sure you are getting the best deals on all of them. Even if it saves you a few dollars, it all counts in the end.


Beat the blockchain Talent War!

Blockchain and crypto technologies are being explored by many businesses around the world, which is a creating a major talent shortage. Many companies want to recruit those talented in crypto currency, or the underlying technology blockchain but there simply aren’t enough candidates to go round.

Businesses all round the world are scrambling to hire blockchain staff including areas of crypto currency such as bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger. Blockchain talent is very hard to find and hard to attract – lots of companies are hiring the same skills and they are all on linkedin.

Places to find blockchain talent

Hire a recruiter to do the work for you. This is good option for those can pay, and it seems that the very best blockchain recruiters are charging for their skills – an average of 25% of starting salary seems to be being demanded by the recruiters who specialise in this niche space.

Linkedin – Linkedin is a wonderful source of professional candidates containing a high number of people in most job sectors. Unfortunately for those wanting to hire blockchain staff, there are limited numbers of profiles in each corporate sector and they are getting a lot of inmails from recruiters everyday.

Specialist jobboards – Job sites for crypto have been growing in number and there are some very good options with free advertising options. Coinality and angel both advertise some jobs, but the best of the bunch seems to be Blocktribe has the added advantage of being able to search for resumes to contact niche jobseekers directly, reducing reliance on job adverts.

How to attract Crypto job seekers to work with you

Job Seekers in this space have wonderful options available to them, from ICO launches, crypto funds, new use cases of technology and government projects with limitless budget.

The best way to attract job seekers to work at your company is to set out the compelling mission for your business, and what their position in your business would be and what environment they could expect to work in.

Finally – consider allowing remote workers. The distributed technology environment naturally lends itself to workers that accept working remotely. If your project doesn’t need someone to actually visit your office then you’ll have a good chance of recruiting people who prefer a flexible lifestyle.






21st Century Jobs for Life

For generations workers expected to have a “job for life” where they went into a trade or business and worked there for their entire career. For many, there was the opportunity to work towards promotion, or to take up a position at a different company or institution, but that was generally a matter of personal choice rather than being due to fluctuations in the labor market. Things changed rapidly at the end of the twentieth century, and soon the job for life concept was consigned to the history books. Now the 21st century is well into its stride, is there any such thing as a job for life anymore?


Even with technological advancements in AI and medical equipment, it will be decades before doctors, and other healthcare professionals, are likely to be replaced, even to a peripheral degree. Medicine is well-known as being a high-pressure career, so being a doctor or nurse is still thought of as being a calling rather than a career choice. However, there are plenty of other careers that have more of a background function in healthcare facilities. Good examples are technical roles in departments such as genetics, medical physics, and phlebotomy. You need degree level qualifications to pursue a career in these specialisms, and you can find out about earnings potential at Medical jobs can be immensely rewarding, and as long as people need medical care, there is likely to be a requirement for healthcare professionals for the foreseeable future.


Very much one of the traditional jobs for life, and while people continue to reproduce, children will be in need of education. The profession has experienced problems with retention, but this is more as a consequence of the effects of stress on staff rather than a diminishing requirement for teachers. Tutors and lecturers in further and higher education very often remain at their institutions for many years, finding a satisfying balance between teaching and their research and tenure obligations. Another degree level career, although there are alternative ways of getting into lecturing if you are a recognized expert in your field.

Social care

While populations continue to age, there will always be a requirement for care facilities and home carers. In fact, in the USA the number of people aged over 80 is predicted to increase to unprecedented levels as life expectancy grows ever higher. The demand for carers will follow suit, and it’s a job that requires few qualifications to get started in at ground level. As the business of caring grows, so does the investment in training for staff, and in well-run facilities, there are opportunities to work towards vocational qualifications. The profile of caring as a career choice is also likely to improve as the market expands, so should become a more attractive proposition.

There may not be jobs for life in the traditional sense, but there are still sectors in society that can offer a long-term future for those who want to avoid the job change escalator and devote themselves to building the career they want in a place that provides familiarity and security.

4 Ways To Earn A Passive Income

There aren’t many people who would turn down the chance to make some extra money, but when we’re all so busy in our day jobs is there really any time to add a side hustle to our lives, even if it could bring in a steady stream of revenue? The answer is yes if you choose to earn a passive income and make money while you’re doing other things. Here are some of the most interesting ways to do just that.

Open An Online Store

Selling items online is a popular way to make money, and more and more people are opening their own e-commerce sites. Most of these sites will need to be monitored so that when you sell something, you can package it up and send it to the customer. If you try drop shipping, however, things are different. Drop shipping means that if someone buys from your site, an order goes directly to your supplier who sends out the item for you. The customer pays you, you pay the supplier, and you keep the difference. Although it will take time to set up your site and begin marketing, essentially you could easily be making money when you sleep.


Trading is not something you should do if you’re looking to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. Trading is about being patient and waiting until you have made a good return on your initial investment. It’s easy for beginners to lose a lot of money at the start of their trading journey, so it’s important to do your research on sites such as pro digious news. Trading well is about taking calculated risks, and even the best, most successful traders will never trade more than they can afford to lose.

Make YouTube Videos

Making a video and uploading it to YouTube is a relatively simple thing to do – you can even do it from your smartphone with the right editing apps. If you have a large number of subscribers to your YouTube channel you can make money each time someone watches one of your videos because of the advertising that is put across the screen. This is another income stream that will take a while to set up (you need to build your followers and make good videos), but once you have, you can bring in many hundreds, thousands, or even more dollars every month.

Create An App

Apps are big business, and some of the most popular are bringing their creators millions of dollars every year. If you want to have a passive income that really sits well with the trends of today, app making has to be where to look. You’ll need to have some coding and tech ability, or you’ll need to read up on it before you can make your app. You’ll also need to come up with the idea that captures people’s imaginations and helps them out of a problem they might be having. If you can solve that problem, your app could really take off.



Cryptocurrency: Is It Worth Investing?

The cryptocurrency craze is only getting bigger by the day. More people are turning to cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, as investment instruments to add to their portfolios. The debate around whether cryptocurrencies are sound investment opportunities isn’t going to die down anytime soon either.

The big question remains: is investing in cryptocurrencies worth doing? This is a question you need to answer yourself. To help you answer it, however, we are going to look at some of the most important things to know about cryptocurrency.

Risk-Return Trade-Off

The risk-return trade-off principle we normally use to assess other investment opportunities applies to cryptocurrencies too. There is a lot of money to be made in crypto, but the risk is equally high. You can earn more than 500% in profit investing in the right cryptocurrency at the right time. Naturally, you can lose just as much – even all your investment – and just as quickly.

There is no way to accurately predict the cryptocurrency market at the moment. Unlike the forex or stock markets, where you can count on technical data and analysis to read the market trends, the cryptocurrency market is based mostly on sentiment and the market itself.

There are updates and news from the cryptocurrency world that affects the way the market moves. When South Korea issued a warning about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin price dropped by a whopping 20%. It is this kind of volatility that leads to investors treating cryptocurrencies as speculative instruments rather than a measurable investment.

Getting into Mining

Aside from trading cryptocurrencies on the market, another way to invest in the digital currencies is through mining. Mining is turning into a serious business for many, especially with new currencies being introduced to the market. While Bitcoin mining may not be as profitable as it used to, there is a lot of money to be made in Ripple, 0x, and NEO.

The principle behind cryptocurrency mining is very simple. Since Blockchain, the foundation of cryptocurrencies, is based on mathematical calculations, allocating computer resources towards doing these mathematical calculations (i.e. for processing transactions, keeping ledgers, etc.) earns you a certain amount of cryptocurrency in return.

You can invest in hardware designed for mining. Starting a new mining operation costs anywhere from $200 to more than $5,000, depending on the scale of the operation and other factors. Some miners have started to use web-based mining scripts to mine different coins. Trinity Newspaper recently reported on a shady mining operation that embeds a mining script into YouTube ads.

Adding Cryptocurrency to Your Portfolio

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency – and the blockchain technology in finance – is the future. As long-term investments, cryptocurrencies are also very attractive, considering the overall trend is still bullish. You can expect to see prices for popular coins soar by more than 100% in less than a year. That’s the kind return that you cannot get from other investment instruments.

Entering the cryptocurrency market without understanding the risks or the market itself, however, is not recommended. Be sure to take the time to learn about the cryptocurrencies you are interested in before investing any money.

Home Business Owners – How Much Does Where You Work Affect Your Productivity?

It has recently been reported on news sites such as The Banner Herald that Microsoft has been establishing tree houses outside of its large campus in Redmond, Washington for employees to use. Tree houses are expected to make staff feel more relaxed and creative and give them a more pleasant working experience. While it must be pleasant to work in a treehouse, it remains to be seen whether this will actually improve employee creativity and productivity at Microsoft, but it does raise some interesting questions for those of us who run businesses from home.

How much of a difference does it make exactly where we do our work and could changing your working location from time to time actually make you more productive and efficient?

The Importance Of A Distraction-Free Workplace At Home

It is very important when you work from home that you have a place you can set up as a workspace where you won’t be distracted. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be at your desk all the time, but it does mean that you will be able to work without being distracted by domestic things, such as chores you feel you need to do, noise from children, and other family members, not to mention other things that might tempt you to procrastinate, like your TV or games consoles!

Even at an office, you won’t be completely free of distractions because there are usually people to talk to and background noise, so if you feel like you work better with some sound around you – for example, music or the radio – then you should do what makes you feel most comfortable and focused. However, you do need to make sure that your usual workspace is one that is completely dedicated to working.

Working Outdoors Can Change Your Perspective

One of the reasons why Microsoft believes that tree houses will be a good working experience for their staff is that working in an outdoor location on a nice day can not only be pleasurable but can also help shift your perspective, and perhaps even spark some new inspiration. This is something you can do at home too if you have a balcony or patio, where you can set yourself up a temporary desk on days when the mood takes you. Alternatively, some people find heading to a public park or other appealing outdoor space with their laptop or tablet allows them to get these benefits too.

Working In Other Public Places

Some people, particularly those who consider themselves extroverts, can find working from home on their own all the time can leave them feeling a little drained of energy. People who prefer some buzz going on around them can find that working in places like coffee shops or libraries can also help them to feel more energized and productive. The only risk is that you may find yourself more interested in making new friends than in concentrating on your work. If you can remain disciplined, however, it can be a good solution to head out to a public place to work from time to time.

The best place to work when you run a home business really depends a lot on your own personality and how easy you find it to concentrate when other people are around or there are interesting things that could distract you. Even so, working in different places can give you a lift in mood and can even help you to look at problems from a different angle.