Service of Process in The UK

In England and Wales, common practice has evolved to make use of a provision to specify that the service of legal documents can be made on a process agent service located in England or Wales. So “process agent” refers to the representative of a contractual party upon whom court proceedings may be served. The appointment of a process agent thereby removes the need on the serving party to serve proceedings outside of England and Wales.

Article 6.11 of the Civil Procedure Rules provides that: ”Where a contract contains a term providing that, in the event of a claim being started with respect to the contract, the said claim form may be issued by a method or at a specified place as stated in the contract; and a claim solely in respect of that contract is started, the claim form may, as subject to paragraph 2, be issued on the defendant by the method or at a specified place as stated in the contract”.

By appointing a trustworthy and accepted process agent means the serving party can be confident that service will be accepted and not by any way contested by the process agent. The following is an example of a clause used to appoint a process agent.

The [Party] will irrevocably appoints the agent [Name of Process Agent and his address] as its process agent who will be in charge of receiving on its behalf service of any proceedings in connection with this agreement in England and Wales.  Such service however shall be deemed completed on delivery to the process agent.  In case the agent regardless of his reasons ceases to act as an agent or the agent no longer resident or has an address within England and Wales, the [Party] shall immediately appoint a new process agent and notify the other parties the name and address of the new process agent in England or Wales.

In England and Wales, civil procedure rules are very strict regarding the service of proceedings. If a company is not located in the UK, the service of process can be even more difficult to follow. This is why it is important when trading internationally for a company to hire a process agent for the peace of mind of all concerned.

In the event that services of proceedings are served on the process agent, they will need to forward the documents on to the principal of the company concerned in accordance with their instructions. It should be noted that within a time specified by the Courts, the principal is obliged to respond to the service of proceedings. It is however also important, that the process agent is kept updated by a company official and that he also updates the company with his relevant contact details at all times.

Debt Settlement Options

I am sure that nobody likes the idea of living his life on credit. After all, our debt is something we owe to other people, and we will need money to pay it off at some point, sooner or later. Due to difficult financial circumstances in many parts of the world these days, people find it more and more difficult to pay their debts. People usually have a few credit card debts at the same time and this is the sort of reality many of us are facing.

If you are not able to pay one credit card debt, you might soon start having problems with paying other debts as well. This is the sign that you need debt relief in the form of debt settlement. Negotiating with your lenders to lower your debt might not be easy if you decide to go for it alone. Apart from that, do you know the terms debt management and debt settlement? There is a big difference between debt management and debt settlement and it is really a good idea to make yourself familiar with both of them at the same time so that you know what you are dealing with. You will want to ask for debt settlement services if you are already in a very serious financial condition. This means that you have big problems paying your debts, and the only thing that you can do is to ask for lowering your debts. If you have old debts, or if you are already a lot behind in paying your debts, then you might qualify for debt settlement.

I have always liked the idea of debt settlement. Debt settlement is a fast and reliable method of getting out of debt in as little as 18 to 36 months. I know that some people think that debt relief takes many years to accomplish, but this is not true.

If you have an unsecured credit card debt, you are a perfect candidate for debt settlement. Without debt settlement, it would take you probably 30 years to pay your debt off and you would have to spend a lot of money on paying your lenders their interest rates.

With this being said, it is better not to try to settle your debts on your own. The company that can help you with your debt settlement is a company that I came across recently, but had a chance to read a lot about. This company consists of professionals who deal with debt settlement issues on everyday basis and they absolutely know what they are doing. They know how to ask for debt reduction, because they have done it hundreds or even thousands of times before. They will do for you things that were impossible for you before and thanks to them you will be able to stand back on your feet again. They are a trusted company that aims at helping you as much as possible. Once you put your fate in their hands, you can be sure that they will do everything to recover you from your difficult financial situation.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Startup For the Modern Age

4The modern business world offers unprecedented opportunities enterprising people to make it big. On the other hand, the global economic climate is so competitive, that organisations need to constantly be one step ahead of the game in order to succeed. This is never truer than for startup businesses. There is no shortage of bright minds with amazing ideas but 90% of them will fail in the first year. The ones who plan well and prepare themselves for the rigours of the marketplace will be the concepts that become reality. So what are some ways that a startup can get itself primed to compete, survive and thrive?

Be Smart About Your Space

Every startup likes to think that they are Google or Apple and set themselves up in a hip, upmarket environment in order to create the kind of atmosphere that promoted the culture they want to develop. Unfortunately, that inner-city converted warehouse comes with a price tag that can cripple a fledgeling business. You are far better off being patient and saving your cash for product development and seek alternative office arrangements. Virtual offices, for example, can be the perfect solution. Follow this website link to find out more information about how you can present a professional face at an affordable cost.


One of the biggest frustrations that I hear from startups is that they are so busy chasing funding that they don’t have time to attend to product development, sales and marketing. Fortunately, recent times have seen the emergence of numerous microfunding websites that harness the power to match investors big and small with concepts like yours.

Know Your Users

The world is changing at a staggering rate and consumers are evolving with it just as fast. One of the best assets you can have is a firm finger on the pulse of your target market’s wants and needs. For tech startups, in particular, your digital presence is extremely critical to how you are perceived and the way in which users interact with your brand. However, market research can be incredibly expensive and way out of the range of most businesses in early growth mode. The good news is that help is at hand. There are numerous technologies that specialise in customer satisfaction measurement, that can assist you to get valuable feedback from your users without the huge cost.

The Right Stuff

We all want to surround ourselves with people we like, so involving friends and family in your startup venture can be a natural reflex. Unfortunately, doing so can not only hurt your business but damage those relationships if things do not pan out as hoped. Sure, if the person in question is appropriately qualified and motivated, go for it! On the other hand, if you’re thinking of giving your deadbeat pal Jimmy a token job as the warehouse manager, you could be making a mistake. Surround yourself with people that are as passionate and hard-working as you are and you will be far better off.

Find a Mentor

The average age for a startup founder is around 40 years. While this is an age where people have some experience, all of us can benefit from learning from those who have been around longer than us and achieved success. Most successful business people are more than happy to mentor someone in whom they see a spark and can establish a strong connection and rapport.

When added to a healthy dose of inspiration and a mountain of hard work, these tips should help you chart your path to success.



3 tax efficient ways to save

With interest rates at record lows and appetite for risk diminished, it makes sense to seek out tax efficient homes for your hard-earned cash. Why share returns with the tax man if you don’t have to?

The premise that cash is king has lost much of its credence over the past 5 to 10 years because returns on bank savings have generally been under 1%. This is below inflation so the buying power of your money actually diminishes over time. Even the best known banks are no longer as financially solid as they used to be, so the small interest rate is little reward for placing money with a bank who may need a Government bailout.

Premium Bonds

This is why premium bonds have increased in popularity so much during this period. Your capital is safe as you’re essentially lending money to the UK Government. Each month you’re then entered into a prize draw to win one of millions of prizes ranging from £25 to £1million. The chances of winning (number and size of prizes available each month) is based on underlying interest rates. So right now, average prizes over a year would equate to around 1%. Not great, but you have the comfort that your capital is safe and there’s the chance of higher wins. Plus any returns are free from tax, unlike your bank savings.


Many people get confused with Individual Savings Accounts (ISA). Essentially, an ISA is simply a tax efficient wrapper for certain investments.  The two main types of investments which are bought within an ISA are cash savings and equity funds. So cash savings with a bank ISA would still offer very low returns but those returns aren’t taxed at least. For those with more risk appetite, equity ISAs offer the chance for increased returns. These investments are linked to the fund of your choice and returns based on the performance of the underlying shares. It makes sense, that if you’re interested in buying into a European equity fund for example, that you do this within an ISA rather than on a standalone basis. Then all dividends and increases in value are free from tax. Obviously, there’s also the risk that the value diminishes, especially as we’re in such unstable economic times. The main restriction of an ISA is the annual limit which currently stands at £20,000. Anything you wish to save above this amount, needs to be invested outside of your ISA

Tax free gold

The asset class growing in popularity the most is tax free gold. Certainly, those who are concerned about the effects of Brexit or how the US election result may affect their family’s wealth, are turning to gold as the world’s safe haven asset. Gold tends to act as a hedge in times of uncertainty, with its value generally rising while other assets fall.

The real bonus comes if you know which type of gold to buy as it can be completely tax free. All investment grade gold is VAT-exempt. This needs to be 22 carats or higher, in the form of a bar or coin. Even better, certain coins qualify as legal tender in the UK, so are free from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) too. This way your gold can grow in value and no profits will be taxed at all. Like an ISA, it acts as a tax free store of wealth, but there’s no annual limit.

If you want to buy gold but are unsure which types to buy or how, then seeking the guidance of a reputable gold dealer will help you obtain the best gold at the lowest prices.

Whichever combination of investments you choose, ensuring you select tax efficient options first will at least mean you maximise your returns.

Tips on How to Successful Adjust Living in Australia

Living in the land down under is a dream come true for many people. The country is so beautiful and rich that most people from different parts of the world want to try and settle down with their family here. However, living in Australia may take some adjustments. It is no secret that the cost of living in the land down under can be a bit high compared to other countries. But what others may not know is that it is the least of concern when living in Australia. Why? Because even though the cost of living is high, the salary is also high that it is easy to adjust in this field. What people who want to live in Australia should know is how to adjust in the Australian lifestyle. There are some traditions, culture and customs that they follow that may come off as a shock to some foreigners. But it’s just a matter of getting used to so that’s what we are going to discuss in this article.

Australians hate being late

Australians can be considered as laid back but being late is very uncool for them. So if you are meeting with Australian people for the first time, make sure that you will arrive on time. Arriving way early can also come as show-off and annoying to them. So just arrive on time.

Do not sit in the back of a taxi when travelling solo

They think it is very rude to sit in the back of a taxi when you’re alone. This has something to do with Aussies’ “mateship” as they consider everyone with equality. Thus, why not sit beside the guy who is doing you a favor and driving you to your destination. Australians are one of the friendliest people in the world so chatting up with the cab driver is very common.

Office hierarchies is never an issue

Again, this has something to do with Australians treating everyone fair and square. Most offices in the country do not treat someone with more respect because he’s been in the office longer or because he has higher position. They treat everyone the same. So you should learn to give everyone with the same level of respect and engagement.

Office romances are OK

This can freak out some foreigners particularly Americans who are very strict about office romance. But in the land down under, office romances are OK for as long as they act professional in the office especially during work hours. Do not be surprised to know that your officemate is dating an officemate from another department or even the same department.

Australians get 20 days of annual leave per year

For a laid-back country like Australia, some foreigners think 20 days of annual leave per year can be quite shocking. Why? The Brits who can be considered as more uptight get 25 days of annual leave. But it is what is is. You get 20 days of annual leave when working in Australia.

Living in Australia is fun though you may need to consider some adjustment periods for you to be able to fully grasp Australian lifestyle. But if you wish to try to settle down with your family here then go ahead. There are fixed home loans in Australia that can help you start and build a home for your family here.

What Steps To Take To Survive Unemployment

Unemployment is terrifying territory no one wants to find themselves facing. Losing your job is devastating even when you despise getting up and going to work each day. Your income is suddenly gone, but you still have expenses to pay. If you’re one of the few people who make it a goal to have emergency savings set aside, you’re all right for another six months or so. If you’re part of the majority, you don’t have that kind of money saved. Now you’re facing financial downfall, and you don’t know what to do. Unemployment is less than ideal, but it’s something you can survive. You need only know how to survive.

Don’t Hide It

The first thing to do when you lose your job is tell people. This works two ways for your benefit. The first is you should tell your friends you can no longer afford to go out with them, to vacation with them, or even to join them for a weekend golf game. When you make excuses and tell them you’re sick this weekend, busy the next, and unavailable for another reason the following weekend, they’ll begin to think you simply don’t care for them anymore. You don’t want to lose your friends on top of losing your job, do you?

Be honest. Tell your friends you’re unemployed and money is tight. This means they’ll understand when you decline to join them for things. It also means they’ll know you’re unemployed and looking for work. What if one of them has a position similar to your last one at their company? What if someone knows someone looking for someone just like you? You don’t know until you tell your friends and family you’re unemployed, but you might be surprised just how well it works out in your favor.

Keep Your Real Opinion to Yourself

You’re mad. You probably have a right to be angry when you lose your job, but you must keep your negative feelings to yourself. Tell your spouse or your mom how much you detest your former employer, but keep your opinions about the company or your boss or former coworkers to yourself. You don’t want them to hear you are bad-mouthing them and not recommend you for jobs. You don’t want potential new employers to hear how badly you bashed your former company and not want to work with you. Maintain class and dignity in all situations.

Update Your Resume

Now is the time to reformat your resume. Add your recent accomplishments, have a friend review it, and change it as needed. You’ll be using it more than ever in the coming weeks, so now is a great time to make sure it’s better than ever. A great way to make it more interesting is simply to reformat the entire thing. You can easily do that without must stress, and you have no idea how helpful it might be when you submit it for future employment.

Don’t Take No Personally

For every yes you hear, you’re going to hear a dozen companies tell you no. You don’t always get what you want, but you do have to keep trying. The best way to face unemployment is by learning not to take no personally. It’s not you, it’s them. They don’t have the money to hire you. They don’t have a position. They would love to hire you, but they are tied up and simply cannot. You are worthy. You are good at what you do, and someone is going to be able to utilize your expertise before much longer.

Live Frugally

It’s time to make some necessary lifestyle changes. It’s time to stop eating out so much. It’s time to buy cheaper coffee, off-brands, and to lower your expenses. Do you need cable, or can you get by with Netflix? Do you have to have a home phone and a cell phone, or can you cancel that home phone? Does your credit card company want to offer you a lower rate on your cards? Does your insurance company have any lower rates they want to provide? You don’t know until you call, ask them for their help, and sometimes suggest you will walk away from their services if they can’t help. It doesn’t always work, but it never hurts to find out.

Make Money

Is there something you can do that brings in any money while you look for a good job? Even if you have to flip burgers, some money is better than no money. Start an online business. Sell things you no longer need. Downsize your home to a smaller one, and take your profit to pay off debts. Can you apply for a title loan so you can make ends meet for a few weeks until you’re back on your feet? Can you cash out a portion of your 401k) to help with living expenses? Now is the time to figure out what you can do to earn money. Don’t forget about unemployment, either. Check to see if you’re eligible for it, and see if you can begin collecting.

Surviving unemployment sounds terrifying, but people do it all the time. You have what it takes, but you have to have the confidence to go for it and make it happen. There are options for you while you’re looking for new employment, but you must know where to look. Knowing what to do, remaining calm, and looking for help allows you to make the most of your situation so you can get back on your feet.

10 Tips for Saving Money on Thanksgiving Shopping

If you are planning to throw a Thanksgiving party then it is indeed a great idea. A party means arranging food, decorating home and work on a few little things. If you throw this party each year then you have clear idea that it requires your time, energy and money. Every person wants to have fun but also to save money. So, if you want to achieve both things then here are 10 tips, which let you get what you want.

  1. Do Planning: You should start planning about things two weeks before thanksgiving. Decide what kind of meals you need. It is not good to plan one day before because you definitely feel panic and things mess up easily. If you make a plan about all needed things then you don’t have to buy in hurry and get some things, which are not required.
  2. Buy Non-branded Items: When it comes to food and other things, you should try to keep your eyes away from brand and try to grab generic items. Online stores such as Amazon, Target, Best Buy, etc brings great deals on both branded and non-branded items. But when you prefer generic goods then you save more indeed.
  3. Place Order for Kitchen Items online: As you are going to cook especially on Thanksgiving, you need cookware, kitchen tools and machines,tableware, tupperware, etc.. These items are available at deep discount and best of all, many stores such as L.Beans and Best Buy offers free shipping before this special day.
  4. Get Cheap Decoration Items: You surely want to decorate your home on this big event, so don’t grab very expensive items. Dollars stores such as Family Dollar, Dollar, etc brings Thanksgiving paper decoration items for as low as $ 1 for you. Use these items in a creative manner.
  5. Menu Planning: When it comes to menu planning , you can surely do some saving. Many store bring sales one week before the special day just to boost up sales. You can check prices of products online. Add those ingredients, which are on sale. This is how you can make the best and affordable menu plan.
  6. Clear Fridge: Before this day arrives, you need to clear space in your fridge just to save leftovers. It happens that you have turkey and pie leftovers. You can check some online recipes, which let you use turkey and pie leftovers in a yummy way.
  7. Get Discount Codes: You should find the best coupon website which offer you best coupons for online shopping.
  8. Make a Good List: Before you head to shopping, you need a good list. Check all available food items in your kitchen pantry and then add those items, which you don’t have.
  9. Follow Retailers: If you follow big retailers such as Walmart, Target, Amazon and other then you get a chance to get discount price alerts.
  10. Use loyalty cards: When you use these cards then you have a chance to save more money on a Thanksgiving shopping. It is because every company like to reward customers and members on special day in a special manner.


Electric keyboards

W hen I was younger, we used to have all sorts of electric keyboards in our house. Some of those keyboards were better quality, while some of them were poorer quality. The bottom line is that since our parents loved music they would allow us to have various musical instruments at our disposal. I still believe that doing so was one of the best thing they have ever done for us.

It Is Time To Make Informed Decisions For Your Business

Starting up a business and making it a successful one is a big challenge at present. With so many new and unique ideas coming up, you never know which one appeals to the masses in general.  All business start small. It is how; with time they tackle their problems and overcome them, are the true inspiration stores. For any business that you do, finances are the most important requirement. Thus it also leads to the most critical of the problems.  Investments in business need to be dealt with a lot of care. There are many ways to manage your finances. It is up to you which of those you deem to be convenient for your situation.

Manage your business

Managing a business is not a piece of cake. Many sections require your attention and that too simultaneously. You have to deal with all the issues and find a fix for them for your business to run smoothly. Out of all the things, finance management is the toughest. All the part of your business need money to run, but having to sit and prioritize which part is the most worthy of it is a difficult task. Even if it is your venture, avoid using your personal funds for business purposes. If you take loans, prioritize them. If you think you are accumulating debt, pay it off with proper advice from experts.

Segregate your debts

Divide your loans as per their payback priority. The matter of concern should be the sum to pay and the time by which you should clear the payment. Clearing the higher interest rate loan is more important so as to avoid higher debt amount coagulation. If paying off large amount dues can be a problem, try and relief yourself from all the smaller debts first. If you feel confused about these issues, you can seek help from debt removal firms. They may be able to come up with an immediate solution.

Debt relief services

Debt relief services are offered by authorized firms that can help you out in your mortgage situation by fixing a plan for you. Small firms are not likely to have a high loan amount. A large loan amount for small time companies can occur if it is a long time loan. All types of credit are different and have a use for different purpose. Small firms are essentially just startup companies. Learn more about them by browsing net and you will get useful information. Also check out for bill consolidation loan which is very important in today’s time and you should be aware of what it is so that you can get benefitted when in need.

Do not gather unwarranted investment

The undue investment might lead you to a substantial debt. It is nothing but limitless credit card investments. Business will have never ending investments always. But to have knowledgeof how to spend and where to spend is imperative. Many credit card investments have such high-interest rates that it becomes difficult to cope. Smaller organizations might have tendencies in availing such option as cash flow becomes limited to them. Avoiding such perils, you can quite efficiently have a successful business. Following a few very basic steps can prevent a company from going into debt. This knowledge is crucial for the startup company to make their ground in the initial stages.

Easy Ways To Remove Your Business Debts

Getting rid of business debt is a big relief for your business.  The only fact that lies in your mind is who is responsible for paying the debt? Well, this controversy can be unending till you sort the debt amount. You being a business owner, the debt have to be resolved by you. But that does not mean that you will dissolve it with your personal loan. This can create a ditch out of a hole. Eliminate the debt sooner but make sure to reduce it with a definite strategy.

Prepare a budget

Create an apt budget corresponding to your income and expense with the help of your advisor. This will help you to not create a debt against your loan. You will be able to repay them quickly without any further burden. Be practical with the changes in the interest and modulation of the loan scheme. This will make you comfortable with the increased or decreased debt payment. Make a list of all monthly investments and adjustment. This will also be helpful in tracking the loan repayment times. If the expenditure is less in any month, make sure to keep it aside as a saving. This can help in accumulation some amounts of debt at the end of the month.

Line up your mortgage

Prioritizing the debt is another factor that can help you to eliminate the debt. This will also lessen your tension finally, as you are clearing all your debts one by one. Slowly meet the credit card loans and other types of bonds which are other priority debts. Making additional payments on these aspects will help you reduce the monthly interest. Pay cash amount as much possible as that will not break your securities.

Come to a settlement

Negotiate the amount with your creditors and lenders. Some creditors have ways to reduce them. Some policies will help you to eliminate them faster. Negotiating with lenders is another option that will help you to reduce them. Make sure that your business account is in a good standing. This will help you to get the negotiations easily. Assure them that the future loans may come from their end and ask them on that ground if the can negotiate with the interest rates. You should keep in mind though the interest rates are negotiable for easier debt clearance, the new rate and payment frequency will not be something that you will have a say in. Check out for further details online. Bill consolidation loans are getting more and more popular these days and one should be aware of them as they might get benefitted from such loans any time.

Escalation of your income

Increasing cash flow is another way to eliminate debts from your company. They will help you to lessen your burden. With an increase in production, the monthly turnover will be at a higher rate. This will lead to having a good amount of interest hence making you able to take fewer loans. The more cash flows in, the more investment can be done from the earned value. Thus, this will make your healthy in the market. The increase in turnovers can also help you in seeking for debt consolidation, as you can pay out more loans together, once there is a good flow of the income.